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East Stirlingshire | Loons – 14.11.09

Posted by Michael on November 14th, 2009 — 10:58pm

Venue: Ochilview Park

First of all, something for the ladies…



East Stirling  2

Forfar  1

Sorry loons. This one got away from us today against ‘The Shire’. I looked up Stenhousemuir earlier this morning so I would have a bit of ‘slagging’ fodder for the blog. By the sounds of it Stenhousemuir is like something out of a Dickens novel, or a Karl Pilkington anecdote. It has a toffee shop… It probably has a cobbler’s too. And the denizens of this town, named so because it has a stone house (I kid you not), probably ‘potter’ about its streets. Alas, their football team is actually pretty handy and we should try to shrug off today’s away defeat as best we can. The worst thing about this loss is Hollingworth will be as smug as flies on warm shit.

This is assuming Michael is from Stenhousemuir… Or Falkirk… Or is it Stirling? Or Greenock? Or Livingston? Regardless, if you’re Scottish and not from Forfar you’re probably not worth knowing.


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Loons | Annan Athletic – 7.11.09

Posted by Michael on November 7th, 2009 — 6:11pm

Venue: The Station


Forfar  2

Annan  1

In the words of Karl Pilkington, ‘Alright.’ This thread has been gone oh too long. We have all stoically been following the Athletic’s Saturday results I’m sure, but I thought it was about time I got off my arse and did some blogging about this season’s triumphs. If you haven’t been following the Scottish Third Division this season you won’t be aware of what has been the Forfar machine. In the off-season we saw a new Campbell (Iain) join father Dick, and uncle Ian, and brother Ross at the club.

Much like a new Arsene Wenger signing this acquisition was no mere ‘thrifty sleight of hand’ on Dicky’s part but actually inspired tactical foresight. Forfar are playing with renewed vigor as right back Iain has been sprinting up the byline and supplying low, wipping crosses like a young Gary Neville. Combined with brother Ross’ establishment as dominant poacher few teams have the fire power to compete with the Sky Blues on their day.

Unfortunately an injury laden dug out has meant fewer routs away from home than Loon fans might have expected and a league position not reflective of our performances.So bad have been the injuries Dick has had to travel up the B9134 to the fucking Hedgemen of all people. The Division Twoers played a good poker face for a number of weeks but eventually some added enticement from Sadler’s helped Campbo get what he wanted: left-footed Chris McGroarty and super striker, Ian Harty. Harty scored the winner today. In your face, City.

I look forward to reporting the result from here on, in particular the December 19th fixture at the Park against Berwick which I will be attending with English Glen, Neil, Scottish Steve, Big Alistair and Scottish Liz.

Come on you Loons! Hhhhhaaayyyee!

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Mancunian Fever – Episode 8

Posted by Michael on October 15th, 2009 — 9:58pm


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Angelfish Place 4th In Belfast Summer League ’09

Posted by Philip on August 26th, 2009 — 4:46pm

(Post edited to include part 3 of documentary.)

Belfast-based ultimate frisbee team Ultra Mega Super Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go! 3: EX Plus Alpha made their third career competition appearance this year in Northern Ireland’s biggest ultimate frisbee event, Belfast Summer League, in which over 70 players took part throughout June, July and August. The Fish placed 4th in the league that was won by Comber-based CHASE, with The Swerve of Coleraine taking Spirit.

Fans were surprised The Fish even managed to pull together a squad this year, with star players Christopher Burress and Michael "Vick" Johnston having been suspended following gun and animal abuse charges respectively. Luckily, The Fish are a dedicated group and joining the core team of Philip Chan, Nigel Chan, Ryan Mulligan and John McConkey were returning Fish: George Paxton, Jonny Baillie, Peter Alexander and John Meenan. In addition, veteran Jeremy Moore and undrafted rookies Nick Shaw and Andy "T1000" McNeice became integral members of the squad.

The Fish, who made their debut a mere nine months ago, are going from strength to strength. The constant recruitment of young, enthusiastic players means that the future is bright for the Belfast-based team that draws its players from universities throughout the whole of the UK. They intend to enter more competitions in the near future.

The Fish are always looking for new players of all abilities and are a coed team. If you are interested in playing ultimate frisbee please contact the team. To find out more about Belfast Ultimate, look no further than this excellent documentary by Kebab Hammer’s Luke Carlisle:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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NY09: Rams 23 – Jets 20

Posted by Philip on August 15th, 2009 — 4:00pm

So things weren’t looking good for the New York Jets when the very first touch of the ball of the 2009 preseason was a fumble off of a kick-off… Indeed both teams were very shakey with simple things like catching and holding onto the ball throughout the whole game. Kellen Clemens would start as QB for the Jets offence in what was initially quite a confident performance leading into mediocrity. Both the Jets and the Rams played pretty badly but you can’t really expect much from a preseason game.

However, the game turned out to be a showcase for rookie Jets QB, Mark Sanchez who came on to a Jet fan semi-standing ovation. Here is a picture of the situation before Sanchez’s first ever play in an NFL game…

He threw a 48 yard bomb down the field. The crowd erupted. Does this mean there is hope for the Jets? We certainly thought so. Sanchez finished off the drive making no mistakes, setting up Jones with an easy 1 yard dive into the end zone. He looked confident.

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