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Far Flung: An Ultimate Frisbee Club

Posted by Philip on January 5th, 2010 — 10:00pm

So here it is. My very first film and the only thing that mattered to me all of last term… Watch it right here. I really hope you enjoy it.

A synopsis…

As a new term dawns in 2009 the Glasgow University Ultimate Frisbee Club begins another season with fresh legs, renewed vigour and brand new hopes and dreams.

Learn about the greatest University sport in the world and follow the emotional story of the women’™s and men’™s captains as they lead their teams to compete in Scotland for places at the UK University Indoor Nationals. 


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Super Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go! 5: Hyper R’ finish 4th in Belfast Christmas Cracker 2009

Posted by Philip on December 27th, 2009 — 2:01pm

It was only a year ago that The Angelfish made their debut at the annual Christmas tournament held in Belfast. Since then The Fish have competed in four tournaments and one league in a very active year of ultimate frisbee. Their day at the Christmas Cracker was not met without problems as a cancelled flight and a broken down bus meant that key player, Ryan Mulligan, had to miss the first two matches.

Despite this, The Angelfish came out of the pool stages as 6th seed and went on to edge out Dublin-based Broccoli in a very intense 3 v 6 match that was won almost entirely on what Captain Philip Chan described as “epic defence”. The Fish finished the day placed 4th.

The Fish have made incredible progress in a year, having gone from a beginners’ team to a team that can now be competitive in Northern Ireland. Their success and ever expanding ranks seem to be a direct consequence of the enthusiasm and camaraderie that define the team. Those interested in playing frisbee with The Fish could do worse than to visit their Facebook page.

Festivities did not end with the tournament as the first annual Belfast Ultimate Christmas Dinner Dance took place at Park Avenue Hotel in East Belfast. The impressive attendance acted as a fitting marker for the state of ultimate in Northern Ireland – ever growing, stronger than ever and slightly drunk.

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Livingston | Forfar – 12.12.09

Posted by Michael on December 15th, 2009 — 4:49pm

Venue: Almondvale Stadium


Livingston  1
Loons  2

A win away against the league leaders with a goal in the 90th minute. Steve would call it ‘euphoria’ and Steve would be right. However, the word is Dick Campbell and the boys are struggling with the attention brought on by this new stardom. Dick in particular has been targeted, with the paperazzi doggedly picturing him doing such mundane activities as having a meal with his wife, feeding the cat or even having a few beers with his mates in Seville.

If you haven’t seen the allegedly untampered video then here’s the story. Dick Campbell sang ‘Derry’s Walls’, ‘The Sash’ and shouted a few obscenities. Sectarianism? Really? Here’s why this has been blown out of all proportion:

1) Dick Campbell is an old fella. Sectarianism and racism don’t matter if someone is old. We just roll our eyes. Like my dad, for example, he’s not as cosmopolitan or educated as me and it can be a little embarrassing. Don’t hold it against him because he doesn’t understand all the trendy new words. Like he’ll say ‘poofs’ instead of ‘gays’, ‘birds’ instead of ‘women’, ‘darkies’ instead of ‘coloureds’.

2) Everyone is assuming the video is not a fake. Arbroath fans would go to any length to get one over on our beloved Loons. Haven’t we learnt anything from 24? 

3) Listen to all the contrary evidence. Here are the quotes I have found:

‘Dear, dear, dear… they can tell you what they want son. Everybody that knows me should know better than to talk about that." – Dick to NOTW

‘We have never had any sectarian problems. It is something we have never had to worry about. I am not going to comment on something I know nothing about.’ – Forfar’s club Secretary David McGregor to BBC

‘Dear, dear, dear, they can tell you what they want . . . but I don’t ken what Derry’s Walls is.’ – Dick to BBC

4) Loon fans do not care. We really don’t. As long as we are beating Livingston we really don’t care what Dick does in the six days between games.


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Loons | Albion – 5.12.09

Posted by Michael on December 5th, 2009 — 5:27pm

 Venue: The Station


Forfar  2
Albion  2

The boys from Cliftonhill caught a break this week. Three points here would have increased our lead over the fifth position Albion to four. As it stands, the gap will remain one. Nevermind, we’ll keep our heads held high with blind optimism like Phil Collins did in ‘Against All Odds’. You know Alistair (above) is a lot like Phil Collins. A bit of a romantic. And a bit of a fag.

Only one game left before Berwick…

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Elgin | Loons – 21.11.09

Posted by Michael on November 21st, 2009 — 7:23pm

 Venue: Borough Briggs


Elgin  0

Forfar  2

The Sky Blues took a bashing last Saturday, not just on the field but also the next day in the Dispatch. A couple of minutes of careless defending and once again Dicky Campbell was left lamenting another 3 points gone awry. But you know how the saying goes, ‘Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose!’

Elgin may have started this season indifferently but they’ve grafted and competed every game of the season. Plus, people up there are weird. However, the Forfar machine returned today. This comfortable W is just the kind of form the Loons and I want to see as the Berwick game approaches. And it’s refreshing to see some away points.

Roll on Forfar Athletic.

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