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When Sree met… Hundred Waters

Posted by Michael on May 6th, 2013 — 11:29pm

In many ways ‘ at SXSW2013’ became not so much a showcase in Glasgow culture blogging but a showcase in ‘Sreeism’. Whether it was dropping words like ‘handjob’ at inappropriate times or queuing three hours for barbeque Sree was a polarizing force in Austin this year. A case in point was Sree’s ‘interview’ with Hundred Waters. In a hotel. With a piano. And Nicole Miglis. (Shudder)

Anyway, I’m not going to talk too much about that interview. We didn’t tape it and Sree didn’t take notes, although he looks good doesn’t he? Like a pro.[2] I can only assume Hundred Waters took pity on us because they offered us

guest passes to see them in May at ABC in Glasgow. Sree emailed them this week and they duly followed through on their promise.

Hundred Waters were great tonight, not least because Nicole Miglis and her voice absolutely slay me – probably top 5 on the ‘voices that slay me’ chart.[1] Hundred Waters also sounded comparatively great by supporting a band with probably the lamest name since… Test Icicles (off the top of my head)

So thanks Hundred Waters. Thanks for not outing us, thanks for letting us come to your gig and thanks for your really, really nice sounds.

MJ out.


[1] Top 5 includes Lauren Mayberry, Rihanna on ‘All Of The Lights’, Taylor Swift, Tracyanne Campbell on ‘Pen & Notebook’

[2] Note the suit at the far left of the photograph bringing a bit of corporate class to the interview.

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Lisbon Wars

Posted by Philip on July 7th, 2011 — 12:53am

We bumped into an entire orchestra after dinner.

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Posted by Philip on July 18th, 2010 — 10:00am

So you’re ignoring Scotland in your so-called "world tour". I guess I’ll just have to see you in Auckland then.

(I hope everybody appreciates how profoundly improbable it is that I have this opportunity.)

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NY09: Good Morning and more Akron/Family

Posted by Philip on August 10th, 2009 — 1:41pm

Good morning. It’s 8.36am and we’ve all been up for an hour already despite not having had that much sleep. This borrowed wireless internet has suddenly become super fast so here’s a minute of "River".

Oh yeah, and I totally spoke to the one who looks like Charlie from It’s Always Sunny.

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NY09: Akron/Family and Real American Burgers

Posted by Philip on August 10th, 2009 — 4:47am

We arrived at Other Music at 6.25pm only to be greeted by a queue of NYC hipsters that extended round the corner of the block. It was doors 7pm and space was minimal in the tiny record store. We were worried that we wouldn’t get in. After all, we came all the way from Ireland.

Happily, eveyone who queued were somehow squeezed into the tiny venue and Akron/Family proceeded with an incredible hour and a half long set, almost as good as when I saw them in Glasgow (almost becuase they didn’t play Ed Is A Portal this time round).

By the time the gig had finished, none of us had had any real food all day and we were just about ready to collapse with hunger. There was only one way to sort that out…

I literally (literally literally) had a jaw cramp when I attempted to take a bite out of my burger. There is in fact a video of this (much to the amusement of Burr) and in fact at least several awesome movies we took today but unfortunately are just too big to upload with this borrowed wireless internet. I’ll leave you with one little clip, which, I must warn you in advance, is either really amazing or really, really gross depending on what kind of person you are…


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