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4.0 – Proof that we get more boring as we get older

Posted by Philip on June 22nd, 2011 — 3:12am

I can’t be the only one who got sick of mm 3.0.

As part of the migration of this blog to a new content management system, I ended up having to go through all 460ish posts that are on this site. It turned out to be quite a nostalgic experience and it felt like I was reliving the past four years of my life in reverse. From doing this, I realised several things:

  1. Thomas had roughly three intense weeks of blogging spread over two years.
  2. Buzzer promised a lot and gave little but when he did give, it was good.
  3. We really don’t write about anything other than football during NFL season.
  4. Most people I know are less chubby now.
  5. I tried too hard to be cool.

Michael and I join the rest of the grown-ups in the working world come August. Will this have implications for this blog? Absolutely.

Welcome to the new look. I feel like I’ve gained a less wacky, more serious voice.

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Shameless plugging

Posted by Thomas on November 9th, 2009 — 11:07pm

I’m not sure whether the readers of Modest Mango have heard about the social craze that will be hitting a town near them soon. If not, you need to visit…

for all your promising needs. is a fully supported website which allows you to make promises and keep them (beware marketing spiel!).

Why not check out the DigiPromise blog at Or follow DigiPromise through facebook or twitter…

Cue angry denunciations from Modest Mango purists who will demand that I promise never to spam the hallowed Mango walls again!

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Readers from… The Houses of Parliament?

Posted by Philip on July 22nd, 2009 — 2:00am

After trawling through some stats for mm I came across this:


Could DC be googling Thomas before offering him a job? This is likely.

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The Fickle Human Condition and Mango 3.0

Posted by Philip on July 10th, 2009 — 4:09pm

Yes, it’s the annual mm summer holiday theme change. It’s sad how we can get bored of something so quickly isn’t it?

Case in point – Remember Arial? Yes, the font. Genius in its simplicity and elegance, I always wondered why Times New Roman was the default in Word. Why would I ever need a font that wasn’t Arial? That was last year. Now? I’m pretty sick of it. I’ve seen it too much. I’ve used it too much. Dozens of University essays later and I’m through with it. I’ve got a new love now. Her name is Calibiri and she can be seen spelling out the name of our website at the top left hand corner of your screen.

At the very top of the page you’ll notice what will no doubt be either a classic one-liner, some profound commentary on life or an example of peerless poetic wit. All in less than 140 characters of course. The moment I knew Twitter had made it was when I overheard a couple of sixty year old ladies having a conversation about it in Glasgow. Follow us: @chanstheorem, @cdburrows, @fucithalmike, @sirchristo.

Do you see a huge mango on the page? A very modest looking mango, I’m sure you would agree. It’s the kind of mango that won’t be winning any fruit beauty pageants but one that you would happily bring home to meet your parents. Sure, she’s got a few black dimples over her skin but you know that once you’re underneath she’s got that juicy, soft, delicious flesh. Because at the end of the day that’s what this blog has always been about – juicy, soft, delicious flesh.


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Hi Googlebot, please index this page. Christopher David Burrows.

Posted by Philip on April 29th, 2009 — 2:24pm

You may have noticed (or like all of us, not have noticed) that Burr has in fact removed all signs of his existence from mm. I discovered this late last night and quite truly went through an entire spectrum of emotions. Initially, WTF? style shock, leading to forty seconds of worrying that CD has for some reason become suicidal (I shit you not), then sadness, then genuine anger that this was all done without us knowing, and then… a moment of realisation.

I realised that he had removed himself from mm so that when potential future employers google “Christopher Burrows” they will not find this or this. Incidentally they will probably find this. Come on, Burr! What have you got to worry about? Michael has got this and this in the way of successfully bagging a foundation programme. (How many points is being an ex-gay worth in your personal statement, then?)

And besides, it’s not like we’re going to stop talking about you, Christopher David Burrows, twenty-two 22 years old, born in Belfast, went to school at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, studied Financial Economics at Queen’s University Belfast and worked for a year at AIB in Dublin, whose interests include “chilling with his mates”, “having a laugh”, “banter”, and “banging women”.

cd 27-07-2006 00-08-18

Anyway, if Thomas Michael Lowe isn’t worrying yet, then we’re probably all fine.

cd 24-07-2006 21-03-20

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