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Posted by Philip on May 2nd, 2009 — 2:48pm

1 May 2009 23-49

It worries me that I am so ingrained in geek culture that I actually smiled from ear-to-ear when this almost (2 out of 3 ain’t bad) happened last night during a short-lived game of Street Fighter IV.

Oh yeah, it’s not mine. :)

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Band Aid

Posted by Philip on June 6th, 2008 — 11:54am

Getting through a song on expert on guitar is not really much of a challenge anymore, so I’ve come up with a sub-game. It’s called “Try not to hurt the feelings of a singer who is completely tone deaf and can’t sing, not even on easy.” The trick is to save up your overdrives and correctly time the use of them so that the talentless singer can get through a song without realising that she is in fact sucking and if it wasn’t for you, would have failed a long time ago… on the lowest possible difficulty in the game.

24-05-2008 15-28-13

Unlike just playing the game, the singer’s* own self-esteem lies in your hands, raising the stakes just that little bit higher.

The Rock Band Appeal

Rocking out ain’t cheap. The Rock Band Appeal is currently accepting donations and many happy rockers have donated to the cause. Please feel free to come round, rock out, and consider donating a few pounds to the fund. Your donation will be added to the Blue Peter style totalizer and your name will be forever immortalized on a piece of paper taped to my wall.

It’s £132 for the game and instruments if you are a student and buying from Zavvi. It’s also worth every penny.

* Using the word singer wrongly implies that she has any talent at all. I also have to add that the pictured singer is not said talentless person.

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This Glaswegian Life #1

Posted by Philip on October 3rd, 2007 — 2:36am

From, it’s This Glaswegian Life. I’m Philip Chan. Our story today in three acts.

Act 1: A Feisty Evening,
Act 2: Surprisingly Unsurprisingly Good,
Act 3: Defiance.

Act 1: A Feisty Evening

Johnston and I went to see Feist last Wednesday at Oran Mor, Glasgow. The gig itself was pretty eventful and Michael was spot on when he described the event as being ‘charming’. There was plenty of Scottish banter, “It’s a flat!” exclaimed one Scottish gentleman in response to the word ‘apartment’ being used. Towards the end of the gig, a different Scottish gentleman was invited onto stage to sing ‘Mushaboom’ after Feist had forgotten the words; the moment was made even funnier due to the fact that he was simultaneously trying to get an autograph whilst singing into the mic.

27-09-2007 04-22-27 27-09-2007 05-15-56

For me personally, it was quite an eventful evening as well. The Feist gig had happened to clash with two other things that are important to me: frisbee and gaming. It just so happened that September 26th, 2007 would be the first FarFlung ultimate frisbee practice of the year, and also the release date of Halo 3. Little did I know that all three events would so beautifully intertwine. Here’s what happened: I left frisbee practice early, ran (literally) back to my flat to find Michael playing Halo 3, got changed in minutes, and left to see Feist.

27-09-2007 04-23-27

There was also a whoops moment that I feel like I should share, simply out of shame. What I haven’t told you yet was that right after the support for Feist had finished playing, I realised that the tall blonde guy standing in front of me and annoyingly partially obscuring my view of the stage was none other than James (not Graham), a Glasgow medic. He introduced me to his friend who I learnt was Roz (Ros?), a 1st year medic. Except that I found out later on that he was actually taking advantage of my incompetence at life, and she is actually in the same year as me. Embarrassing. Sorry Roz (Ros?)

Act 2: Surprisingly Unsurprisingly Good

Halo 3 is surprisingly unsurprisingly good. Does that make sense? What I basically mean is that even though it was always assumed by everyone that it would be an extraordinary game, I was expecting not to like it, but instead finding myself liking it. You have to understand that collectively I’ve played Halo and Halo 2 for about 20 minutes altogether, so I’ve been pretty oblivious to the franchise, relying heavily on Microsoft’s ubiquitous advertising to get me interested. I’m very glad that Halo didn’t become one of the many things that everybody likes but I don’t like; this includes: Ross Noble, The Lord of the Rings movies, and the Metal Gear franchise.

Finally, what I’m about to tell you will blow your mind. Burr loves Halo 3.

Act 3: Defiance

I wanted to get this in writing and in public. About six hours ago, Phil (aka. Just Phil) and I (aka. Phil 2.0) have decided not to drink alcohol until the end of term out of defiance. We are allowed one exception for emergencies. I invite all readers of to join us in this act of defiance. Benefits include being healthier, saving money, and being defiant.

And that brings us to the end of this week’s story. I’m Philip Chan, back next week, with more stories of This Glaswegian Life. Sorry Ira.

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Bricking it

Posted by Philip on September 22nd, 2007 — 11:41am

I got an Xbox 360 yesterday. As I opened the console packaging, little was I to know that there was quite a remarkable object inside. I’m not talking about the Xbox 360 itself, but the remarkably huge power brick that was about to spring out and slap me across the face. It became clear to me that Microsoft have taken the ‘brick’ part far too literally and has produced an object that is comparable in mass and volume to an actual brick you would build a house with. When I say that it’s huge, I’m talking Chris Porter huge. This thing could literally crush a small child.

Here are some photos of the brick beside various household objects.

A Diabolo

A Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine

A 175g Discraft Ultra-Star

A Keitt Mango

An Xbox 360

My gamertag is chanstheorem. Add me!

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