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Super Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go! Take Belfast Christmas Special 2008 Title In Ultimate Frisbee Debut

Posted by Philip on December 30th, 2008 — 3:26pm

20-12-2008 16-44-09

The annual Belfast Christmas Special beginners’ indoor ultimate frisbee tournament took place at the newly built Grove Wellbeing Centre. This year saw the debut of a new fish-themed franchise “Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go!” that was divided into two separate squads: “Super” playing in green and “Hyper” playing in purple. The drama began early on in the day when up and coming Glasgow University rookie Nigel Chan suffered an inversion injury to his right anterior talofibular ligament during a warm-up, rendering him unable to play and causing Hyper to lose a valuable handler. In addition, QUB rookie John Meenan also suffered a grazed knee when going all out to score a point during a match.

20-12-2008 14-37-50 20-12-2008 14-37-49

With such a handicap imposed upon them, Hyper were unable to keep up with some of the more experienced teams. However, under the leadership of their two Scottish captains Colin Muir and John “John Super John” Russell they were awarded the much deserved spirit prize. Super, under the leadership of Andrew Todd and franchise founder Philip Chan went from strength to strength, defeating every single team in the competition and winning an intensely fought final against Comber-based CHASE who were out for revenge. MVP was awarded to Ryan Mulligan who is showing some incredible potential in his rookie year; using his height, athleticism and smarts to be an invaluable first cut or end zone man. Congratulations to both Super and Hyper Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go! for such an inspirational debut. It looks like 2009 will be the year of the Angelfish.

Score one, Hyper! from Philip Chan on Vimeo.

Super Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go!

20-12-2008 14-26-55

Philip Chan (c) Andy Todd (c) Jonny Baillie Chris Burrold Ryan Mulligan Chris Porter

Hyper Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go!

20-12-2008 12-06-22

Colin Muir (c) John Russell (c) Peter Alexander Nigel Chan David Donaldson Eddie McGuinness John Meenan Freddie Thompson

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This Glaswegian Life #4

Posted by Philip on January 14th, 2008 — 10:06pm

From, it’s This Glaswegian Life. I’m Philip Chan. Our story today in four acts.

Act 1: Racism Awareness Day,
Act 2: Number 9,
Act 3: The Lime Game,
Act 4: Derelicte.

Act 1: Racism Awareness Day


On January 4th, 2008, four Asians attended the first lecture of their new term wearing yellow t-shirts and yellow hats. Heads turned, people smiled, and inevitable questions were asked, “What’s up with the yellow hats?”

04-01-2008 12-10-32

[ Katechia, Bravo, Chan, and Jabbal.* ]

And depending on which one of the four Asians answered, it was either racism awareness day, anti-racism day, non-racism day, or simply racism day. Ironically, this appeared to turn them into hypocrites. They accused (white) people of being racists simply for not knowing. “We all look the same to you, don’t we?!” was used quite a few times.

Perhaps the zenith of the hypocrisy of racism awareness day came in the afternoon when one (white) person, referring to the yellow hats asked, “So who started all this?” To which one of the yellow hat wearing Asians replied, “You did, you white boy!”

The white folk were confused and seemed ashamed for not knowing. The Asian folk who weren’t in on it were just confused.

Racism awareness day was of course completely fictional. The reality was that we found some awesome yellow hats on sale for 50p each and decided that we would all wear them to the first lecture back in the Winter term. A Google search has since informed me that the real deal is on 21st March. I bet you didn’t know that, did you? You racist.

* Spot the Englishman, the Scotsman, and the Irishman.

Act 2: Number 9

14-01-2008 21-12-03

Wearing this in your honour. Good luck with your travels. Don’t forget our bet. See you soon.

Act 3: The Lime Game

This is what you need to play the lime game:

2 or more players,
1 lime per player,
A flat party.

The aim of the game is to challenge each other to place a lime into increasingly difficult places. The first person to achieve the goal each round gets one point and the honour of setting the challenge for the next round.

You are not allowed to tell the target what is going on, or tell them to place the lime for you. However, if they do this without you asking then it is acceptable. This is known as the Chan Manoeuvre.

As an example, here’s what happened in the first ever play of the lime game:

Round 0. The front pocket of a shirt. (practice)

Round 1. The side pocket of a girl’s dress.

Round 2. A non-medic’s glass whilst still in their hand.

Round 3. The back pocket of a non-medic’s trousers.

Round 4. Girls: Down the front of a guy’s shirt. Guys: Down the front of a girl’s top.

Round 5. The hood of a stranger’s hoodie, without them noticing for at least 5 seconds.

Round 6. Somebody’s glass whilst still in their hand, from a distance.

At this point too many people got involved and the game had to stop. Have fun.

Act 4: Derelicte.

30-10-2007 10-53-13

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Sonic Boom!

Posted by Philip on November 13th, 2007 — 11:18pm

I was asked recently what exactly a call is. I had previously tried to explain that it is basically a silly game that’s played after a tournament ultimate frisbee match. It’s really a pretty surreal concept to try to convey to someone who hasn’t done it before, so I thought I’d share some videos I took from the Indoor Regionals a couple of weeks back.


Tiki Bar TV lovers will know of the awesome drinking game Bunnies. I had actually introduced Bunnies as a call at Regionals (sans the alcohol) and was surprised to find that later on in the tournament when it was suggested to play Bunnies again, the other team already knew the rules! It appeared that after our seminal attempt, Bunnies was actually being picked up and played by other teams. I thought this was pretty cool and felt just a little proud of myself.


I’ll leave you with a couple of videos of how two of our calls ended. Of course, Ninja Chi and Street Fighter are only two examples of the endless list of silly games that have been invented.

Ninja Chi!

Street Fighter!

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This Glaswegian Life #3

Posted by Philip on November 10th, 2007 — 1:28am

From, it’s This Glaswegian Life. I’m Philip Chan. Our story today in four acts.

Act 1: Apple And Blackberry Crumble,
Act 2: Phil attempts to eat a pomegranate for the first time,
Act 3: The End Of The Beginning,
Act 4: The Dalek Cookie Jar.

Act 1: Apple And Blackberry Crumble

I had a very cultured evening last week that involved a very civilized home cooked meal, a trip to see a production of Oliver! and continual accusations of Neil being a paedophile. But back to the meal. My contribution was an apple and blackberry crumble, cooked from scratch.

Here’s the recipe:

1. Get some Bramley apples, chop them up and put them into a Pyrex dish (preferably one that is exactly the same size as the one I have). Also put some blackberries in.

2. Squeeze some lemon juice over everything (but not too much, otherwise like mine did, it will taste like Jif… sorry, Cif.)

3. Put shovel loads of demerererararer sugar over everything.

4. In a mixing bowl (preferably one that is exactly the same size as the one I have) mix flour with butter, Alpen, and loads more demererarara sugar. Put all this over the stuff in the Pyrex dish.

5. Bake in an oven.

Here’s a picture of dear friend and regular reader Jonny Baillie digging into the dessert.

And here’s the recipe again in the style of Gordon Ramsay:


Apple and blackberry crumble…


Act 2: Phil attempts to eat a pomegranate for the first time

Act 3: The End Of The Beginning

You may remember the disc fiasco I mentioned previously that involved me moronically air-bouncing The Chameleon down a hole in the quadrangle of the main building of Glasgow University, several minutes before I had to go in to sit an anatomy exam on the head and neck.

Since then several schemes involving ropes, ladders, long poles and a system of pulleys have been devised in an attempt to retrieve the misplaced disc. To date nothing has been executed. I couldn’t help but feel slightly empty without my disc. It was, after all, my very first disc and it has (had) been with me since the start of my ultimate days. Now it’s probably gone forever.

But then I realised that perhaps it was actually quite fitting that I lost my first disc on that particular day. Technically my 3 months entitlement of beginnerhood is over. Now if I wanted to play, I would have to play with the big boys and the big girls.

And so I did. I was given the awesome opportunity to play for the FarFlung 2nd team last weekend in the Scottish University Indoor Regionals. I’ll not go into it, since I think in the past month I’ve talked enough about frisbee tournaments already. All you need to know is that out of 20 teams we came 11th and the first team came 4th, just missing out on qualifying for the nationals, and that during the tournament I played my best frisbee yet.

And did I get a new disc? Damn right I did.

Glows in the dark too.

Act 4: The Dalek Cookie Jar

Last week we were invaded by what The Doctor told us was the last remaining Dalek in Scotland. It tried to exterminate us but we fought it off with battered Mars bars, copious gallons of Irn Bru, and the highest incidence of lung cancer in the world.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes it is the greatest thing to ever be conceived in the history of biscuit storage. Thanks, Laura!

I’m Philip Chan, back next week, with more stories of This Glaswegian Life.

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Edinburgh Beginners Tournament, pt. 3: Pleasance

Posted by Philip on November 4th, 2007 — 10:26pm

On Sunday morning we arrived at Pleasance, where we would find Edinburgh University’s Centre for Sport and Exercise. There, heroes would be made, hopes would be crushed; and although every single person was ridiculously tired, you could sense the excitement. The sports centre was very modern and had some amazing squash courts.

28-10-2007 20-33-22

It wasn’t going to be long before our semi-final match against Ro Sham Bo, and everyone was getting very psyched up. I asked if anyone was feeling nervous at all, and nobody said yes. We were ice cold. We definitely had it in us to win the match and the entire tournament, we just had to play as amazingly well as we did the day before. After a team huddle, we entered the hall to play.

Our semi-final match was by far the most intense match we played all weekend. Ro Sham had dominated the entire match, constantly leading us by two points. In the last few minutes we managed to pull it back to level, only to suffer a very gutting loss by one point when the buzzer went. It was 9-8 to Ro Sham.

We were all very emotional during and after that game. Ultimate frisbee is the first team sport I’ve ever properly played, and on that day I discovered emotions I had never thought even existed.

28-10-2007 21-33-05 28-10-2007 21-29-19

We ended the day in 3rd place after another very intense play-off against another one of the Ro Sham teams. FarFlung 1 finished 13th place after two very convincing victories against Jedi and Disciples.

Everyone was already exhausted after Saturday, and Sunday took it to another level. When I got home not only was I physically drained, but emotionally I was drained too. Good game, FarFlung.

FarFlung 1

27-10-2007 19-32-36

FarFlung 2

27-10-2007 23-58-26

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