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This Glaswegian Life #5

Posted by Philip on March 20th, 2008 — 1:20am

From, it’s This Glaswegian Life. I’m Philip Chan. Our story today, which is in four acts, has a theme and that theme is my 21st birthday.

Act 1: Of Barbecues and Manliness,
Act 2: The Presents,
Act 3: Waking Private Colin,
Act 4: The Greatest.

Act 1: Of Barbecues and Manliness

Who’d have thought that in a country with such ridiculously good weather all year round, there would actually be a time when disposable barbecues are out of season? It certainly was not welcome news to find out the day before the proposed birthday barbecue. But it wouldn’t matter, as Lieutenant Colin with his OTC training would build a barbecue with his manly bare hands. He worked out that essentially, all we needed was a big container, a grill, charcoal, firelighters, wood, and a whole load of mantosterone.

16-03-2008 17-04-19

When Sunday came, it was apparent that since disposable barbecues were out of season, charcoal would be out of season too. 10kg of housecoal for £3.49 would just have to do. Commander Colin quickly fashioned a barbecue out of the raw materials; and after literally going into the woods to get firewood, managed to make a working barbecue.

16-03-2008 18-26-53

16-03-2008 18-55-26

Eventually the cavalry arrived with disposables that had been located in Woolworths, and the men chowed down on some meat. I should add that bar one, literally no girls turned up to the barbecue.

16-03-2008 19-34-52

Oh yeah, and the police paid a visit too. But it was a complete non-event and not worth mentioning at all.

Act 2: The Presents

This is literally the most presents I have ever got for my birthday. Fact. I don’t normally get any at all. And so, in no particular order:

1. A green hoodie.
2. A pair of kilt socks.
3. Two aprons.
4. A bubble watch. (Literally, you blow bubbles with it.)
5. A Dali.
6. Star Wars Lego.
7. A packet of Haribo.
8. A tub of mini Oreos.
9. A 1.5m audio RCA (M) to RCA (F) cable.
10. A bottle of champagne.

16-03-2008 21-34-28

16-03-2008 21-44-35

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

16-03-2008 21-38-31

Act 3: Waking Private Colin

Part 1

Part 2

Act 4: The Greatest

We were walking up Byres Road at 4am post-party when all of a sudden we found ourselves being followed by a red mini-van. We made the usual jokes about it being scary, etc, etc. Then the van drove on and everything was normal.

Two minutes later, the van was back. And not only was it back, it approached us from the same direction as it did before. Clearly it was following us, especially since it had now slowed down to walking speed right beside us. It was pretty damn scary.

What was going to happen?

The door slid open and the fifteen or so people inside started shouting at us…


The frisbee team had just returned from London and by pure coincidence had bumped into me at 4 in the morning, just in time to wish me a slightly belated happy birthday in the most glorious fashion possible.

That was probably the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and has more or less made my year.

Thanks for being a part of my twenty-one years thus far, everyone. It’s been a pleasure.

16-03-2008 21-34-23

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Rilo Kiley @ Classic Grand

Posted by Michael on December 1st, 2007 — 4:18pm

I’m not really going to say much about this gig. Myself, English Glen and Awkward Alistair journeyed on over to Glasgow for the night to join Philip and enjoy the bright lights – lights that Alistair, being a stumpy young lad from the country, naturally found a little too bright. But what about Jenny Lewis? Hmm…

Glasgow 22nd November 2007

The gig was good fun – Jenny Lewis was smokin’, there were a lot of fat girls ironically singing along to old Rilo Kiley songs and it was a box ticked for most of us. Just as I feared though, I found myself a little tired of some tracks from newest album, Under The Blacklight, however, a gems like Pictures Of Success and The Execution Of All Things made the experience that little bit special. But apart from Jenny performing the smoke detector, these were the real highlights:

Highlight Number 1

Glasgow 22nd November 2007

Orenda Fink, seen above furthest left, was playing various backing rolls, not to mention also playing the smoke detector. (Hiyo!)

Highlight Number 2

22-11-2007 22-33-42

After the gig who happened to be out gigging in her home city? The one and only Carey Lander of Camera Obscura fame. Naturally I asked for a photo, naturally she was bemused and naturally Philip chose the most awkward moment ever to forget how to take a basic picture with his Samsung camera. Oh well, as they say in St Andrews:

“One down, five to go.”

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The New Pornographers

Posted by Philip on December 1st, 2007 — 2:26am

Sunday, 18th November, 2007 was a perfect day. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the WHO definition of a perfect day, but basically it is:

“Any day that starts with ultimate frisbee and ends with meeting Kathryn Calder.”

I had already decided a few months ago that my entire life had basically been leading up to the day that I got to see The New Pornographers live. Paradoxically I wanted the day to never happen; knowing that after the event, I would have to go back to my pitiful, boring life that mostly does not involve seeing The New Pornographers live.

I’m glad the day started with frisbee. It meant that for four hours I would be distracted into not thinking about seeing TNP every five seconds and jumping about like a twat. This I did in the three hours I had between frisbee ending and the gig starting. I was so excited that I literally was not hungry enough to finish my dinner even though I had barely eaten the entire day. People actually bothering to read this will know me well enough to realise that me not finishing my dinner is a very big deal.

19-11-2007 04-47-34 19-11-2007 04-46-33

And so 8pm finally came, and with the merry band of frisbee players and medic that I had recruited, I made a brisk walk towards Oran Mor, where The New Pornographers had flown over from Canada to grace us with their presence. On the way, Tadd (who’s Canadian) put a small Canadian flag in my hand. “I know how much you like Canadian music.” He said. Now I was set.

At 9pm The New Pornographers took the stage. At this point I had made it very clear to the guys I was with that I really, really like the band’s keyboardist, and that it was probably no coincidence that I had planted myself directly in front of the keyboard as soon as the support left. When Kathryn Calder* floated onto the stage, I swooned like a teenage girl. I actually found myself holding onto Tadd, and much to his amusement he said, “Dude, I’m not her.”

19-11-2007 05-30-48 19-11-2007 06-13-49

So they played, there was banter, and they rocked. I sang every song, danced during Mass Romantic, fell in love during Adventures in Solitude, and completely lost it (along with everyone else) when they closed with The Bleeding Heart Show. I honestly could say more, but I’m too far too tired to put the effort into trying to even get close to conveying how amazing the experience was.

19-11-2007 05-48-58 19-11-2007 05-11-01

We hung about for a while after it was over. This was a great decision. We met a few of the band members, gave a few compliments, shook a few hands, and got a few set lists signed. But alas, no Kathryn. Perhaps it was just never meant to be, I thought to myself. And just when we were about to leave, right after I had bought a bright yellow t-shirt with It Hugs Back written on the front of it**, I caught a glimpse of some fans getting their picture taken with someone. Someone with great hair. Someone with greatest hair. I think I actually ran over. I’m so cool.

19-11-2007 05-34-47

Somehow, I found time between swooning to actually have a conversation with her. I’m such a hero. I told her that I love Immaculate Machinenow she knows. And as with any proper crush, she broke my heart; Immaculate Machine are not to come to the UK any time soon.

When we left, I was feeling happy, the happiest I’ve felt in a long time. And it wasn’t just because I had just seen The New Pornographers and met Kathryn Calder (swoon). It was also because that in the process of looking for people to go with me to the gig, I had discovered two long-time fans, and had recruited a new fan by the end of the night. I felt proud.

When we made our way home, the cold, clear night was perfect for winding down. I turned to Tadd, and looked at him with an expression that meant that I had something important to say.

“Tadd,” I said, “I fucking love your country.”

19-11-2007 05-30-47

* Yep, that’s my photo on her Wikipedia page.

** If you are wearing this t-shirt and you ask someone to hug you, it is literally impossible for them to turn you down. Fact. Yes, I have tested this extensively.

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St Andrews Watch – Day 1

Posted by Michael on November 27th, 2007 — 12:26am

00:19 Tuesday 27th November

Mikey is in St Andrews. Of his two housemates, one is on the sofa. It’s Scottish Steve. He is sleeping after sandwiches. English Glen has gone to bed after tiring himself out from singing for an hour:

Mikey is a cock, cock.
Mikey is a cock, cock.
Cock. cock. cock.
Cock. cock. cock.

Cock, cock, cock, cock, cock. Cock.
Cock, cock, cock, cock, cock. Cock.

Cock. cock. cock.
Cock. cock. cock.

25 days until Mikey gets to leave St Andrews for Xmas.

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Life Complete

Posted by Philip on November 19th, 2007 — 1:36am

Obviously there is now no point in ever saying or doing anything ever again. So, goodbye everyone. Thanks for everything.

19-11-2007 06-32-31

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