Sonic Boom!

Posted by Philip on November 13th, 2007 — 11:18pm

I was asked recently what exactly a call is. I had previously tried to explain that it is basically a silly game that’s played after a tournament ultimate frisbee match. It’s really a pretty surreal concept to try to convey to someone who hasn’t done it before, so I thought I’d share some videos I took from the Indoor Regionals a couple of weeks back.


Tiki Bar TV lovers will know of the awesome drinking game Bunnies. I had actually introduced Bunnies as a call at Regionals (sans the alcohol) and was surprised to find that later on in the tournament when it was suggested to play Bunnies again, the other team already knew the rules! It appeared that after our seminal attempt, Bunnies was actually being picked up and played by other teams. I thought this was pretty cool and felt just a little proud of myself.


I’ll leave you with a couple of videos of how two of our calls ended. Of course, Ninja Chi and Street Fighter are only two examples of the endless list of silly games that have been invented.

Ninja Chi!

Street Fighter!

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  1. Michael

    If it isn’t Charlotte, Benji and Lawrence of the St Andrews crew…

  2. Philip

    We threw away our game against them. We were leading 9-8 with 10 seconds to go and some how managed to lose.

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