Edinburgh Beginners Tournament, pt. 3: Pleasance

Posted by Philip on November 4th, 2007 — 10:26pm

On Sunday morning we arrived at Pleasance, where we would find Edinburgh University’s Centre for Sport and Exercise. There, heroes would be made, hopes would be crushed; and although every single person was ridiculously tired, you could sense the excitement. The sports centre was very modern and had some amazing squash courts.

28-10-2007 20-33-22

It wasn’t going to be long before our semi-final match against Ro Sham Bo, and everyone was getting very psyched up. I asked if anyone was feeling nervous at all, and nobody said yes. We were ice cold. We definitely had it in us to win the match and the entire tournament, we just had to play as amazingly well as we did the day before. After a team huddle, we entered the hall to play.

Our semi-final match was by far the most intense match we played all weekend. Ro Sham had dominated the entire match, constantly leading us by two points. In the last few minutes we managed to pull it back to level, only to suffer a very gutting loss by one point when the buzzer went. It was 9-8 to Ro Sham.

We were all very emotional during and after that game. Ultimate frisbee is the first team sport I’ve ever properly played, and on that day I discovered emotions I had never thought even existed.

28-10-2007 21-33-05 28-10-2007 21-29-19

We ended the day in 3rd place after another very intense play-off against another one of the Ro Sham teams. FarFlung 1 finished 13th place after two very convincing victories against Jedi and Disciples.

Everyone was already exhausted after Saturday, and Sunday took it to another level. When I got home not only was I physically drained, but emotionally I was drained too. Good game, FarFlung.

FarFlung 1

27-10-2007 19-32-36

FarFlung 2

27-10-2007 23-58-26

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