This Glaswegian Life #2

Posted by Philip on October 11th, 2007 — 2:38am

From, it’s This Glaswegian Life. I’m Philip Chan. Our story today in three acts.

Act 1: Personal,
Act 2: Set Yourself On Fire,
Act 3: Look Up.

Act 1: Personal

So let’s get this out of the way, I got a parking ticket.

08-10-2007 00-21-41

When I found the ticket, I knew I would have to blog about it. Not only would I blog about it, but I would go back to Hamilton Drive, take photos and prove to the world that I had not parked illegally. I would then successfully appeal my ticket and then blog about that as well.

But then I found this:

07-10-2007 23-23-26 07-10-2007 23-23-24

07-10-2007 23-23-25

I learnt a major cultural lesson as a result of this incident. I never really understood why traffic wardens always got such a hard time; surely they’re only doing their job, and if you got a ticket, you clearly deserve it because at the end of the day you did something illegal.

But then you get your first parking ticket and it all changes. I now literally hate Parking Attendant No. PA274, and I don’t even mean a general hatred; this is personal. Know this my friend: I can sleep well tonight knowing that in a few years time I’ll not only be better paid than you, but people will actually appreciate the job that I do. So fuck you, Parking Attendant No. PA274.

Act 2: Set Yourself On Fire

Is pretty much what I was telling myself to do after yet another display of my complete social ineptitude whilst at a gig. Michael has written a beautiful account of what happened already, but I’ll briefly explain it again. Basically I was presented out of nowhere with a social kiss on the cheek situation. My first ever. Until I read Michael’s post, I had actually forgotten that the girl had to fucking point to her cheek before I realised what she wanted me to do.

“First the girl leaned forward. She presented full cheek. She even pursed. Chan delayed, then delayed a little more. Then when the awkwardness reached its climax he decided to delay a little more. When the girl pointed to the left side of her face P! finally took cue.”

Marou, if you’re reading this (I highly doubt it, and hope you aren’t), sorry.

Act 3: Look Up

There was good weather in Glasgow on Sunday, and I can prove it!

07-10-2007 21-05-35 07-10-2007 21-05-37

Let me explain. For one day in every week, the beautiful fields of Victoria Park, Glasgow will be taken over by flying pieces of plastic, each circular in shape and weighing 175g, no more, no less. Sunday afternoon is when FarFlung meet, come rain or shine, for outdoor ultimate frisbee.

This particular Sunday was extra, extra special for several reasons. The weather, for a start, was perfect. There was sun, it was cool, and most importantly there was no wind. It was a glorious day for disc. The second reason is that since the main team was busy coming 4th in Stirling, it allowed us fledgling ultimate players to play at our own pace and have some fun. It was great to hear after the games how much of a good time everyone was having.

Lastly, it was special for the simple reason that it almost wasn’t going to happen at all. If it weren’t for all the young enthusiastic frisbee players who turned up on Sunday afternoon, there wouldn’t have been any disc, and I wouldn’t have had an act 3.

Good game, guys.

07-10-2007 21-08-40

Well, I’m Philip Chan, back next week, with more stories of This Glaswegian Life.

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4 Responses to “This Glaswegian Life #2”

  1. Michael

    Since when did you drive a Seat?

  2. Philip

    That’s not my car.

  3. Anonymous

    As good as Michael’s blog about the gig was, I think Phil’s educated rant against traffic wardens, and then his love-in with frisbee, probably rates as the best blog yet….

  4. Philip

    Thanks Anon, those are kind words!

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