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Posted by Michael on October 7th, 2007 — 6:09pm

Let’s roll.

Thursday Night (that’s for you Save Pointers out there!) was another great occasion in Glasgow town. I hopped on the X24, spun the wheel on my iPod until I got to the Artist: Stars, and clicked play. I then kicked back for just under three hours on what I can only describe as a perfect Scottish evening. The vast fields of Fife, yellow and barren after harvesting, the thick smog from the industrial chimneys perfectly reflected across the still surface of the water as I crossed at Kincardine, and Glasgow? Not only was it not raining, there wasn’t even a cloud to be seen. Not even a cheeky, little ned cloud. As you can see, even before Stars took the stage, the mood was quite romantic.

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What was the gig like? Well, all I can say is, “Thank God for Canada”. Be it labels who want to be Canadian, or bands who want to be Canadian, or bands that actually are Canadian, indie has one home at the moment – Montreal. Stars are simply amongst the forerunners of them. Like so many Canadian groups, their dynamic is so simple but brilliant:

1. Catchy melodies
2. Heartfelt lyrics
3. Lots of people on stage
4. Beautiful girl/guy harmonies
5. Canadians are awesome

And the best thing about all these great Canadian bands? They all join together as a little indie orchestra. And it’s happening in Glasgow Monday week! Anyway, Thursday night would not only be a lesson in great indie music. The Stars had also determined it would be a lesson in love.

05-10-2007 05-50-46

Early in the night Chan was presented with the “kiss-on-the-cheek” situation. It was an awkward affair all round. First the girl leaned forward. She presented full cheek. She even pursed. Chan delayed, then delayed a little more. Then when the awkwardness reached its climax he decided to delay a little more. When the girl pointed to the left side of her face P! finally took cue. Clearly someone needed a teacher to give him a lesson in smooth. Welcome to the house, Mr Johnston…

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut was littered with flowers as Stars played their immaculate set. When bass player, Evan Cranley, decided to launch several of these into the crowd only one hand was able to snatch it from the air – the hand of a young frizbee player. I am glad to say I was indeed that frizbee player. However, always one fond of breaking hearts, I gave it to the girl behind me who with a deep blush looked to her feet. Though P! and I were separated by mere feet, at that moment it could have been a vast canyon. The Bears may still be struggling, but Johnston has turned this race on its head.

Was that the highlight of the night for me? No, that had to be the faecal feast which P! had prepared. Thanks Phil. It was awesome.

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  1. Philip

    It really was probably the best live music I’ve heard to date. It’s really changed the way I listen to their songs now, especially Soft Revolution on Set Yourself on Fire. You really couldn’t have summed it up better. This blog post really is beautiful prose (as I have already told you on MSN).

    And as for the little situation I had, I have to clarify that:

    a) I had met her for the first time only the week before at Frisbee, and

    b) It was the first ever time I have ever had to execute a social cheek kiss manoeuvre. I might mention it on TGL #2.

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