Burr’s Two Fingers to Clements Tour of Cafes, Episode 3: Arizona Espresso Company

Posted by Philip on September 17th, 2007 — 4:45pm

A description found by Chris on Google described Arizona Espresso Company on Lisburn Road, Belfast as a place for “business lunches, ladies who lunch, stylish students, couples and even families.” Sure, we may be ladies, but at 7.30pm we certainly weren’t lunching, so we had to rely on Chris’ cap, flip-flops, and tracksuit bottoms to get us in as stylish students.

17-09-2007 02-36-50

Before I continue, I’m going to go ahead and tell you that this is going to be very boring. Perhaps this is a reflection on the place itself; it had a very clean layout and interior, with red leather sofas and generic paintings on the wall that wouldn’t look out of place in the apartment of one of these ladies who lunch. But the place lacked any character, prompting Michael to describe it as soporific. (Yeah, I had to look it up too.) We were pleased to find that we weren’t the youngest people there. Indeed some of the couples had brought their children.

So anyway, back to our story. Burr arrived late.

Part 1 – Burr arrives late

Burr usually arrives late, as he is often firing people, buying and selling shares, or working on his portfolio. He had to wait a good 15 or so minutes before he was served. Needless to say, Burr was not pleased.

17-09-2007 02-39-51

There was something on the menu called a ‘jokershake’. It was vaguely described by the waiter as something to do with orange and cream. Chris didn’t order it, so we can only assume that it’s one of these put in a blender. All our drinks were top quality, from Thomas’ hazelnut latte (or ladday) to Burr’s drink of choice which everyone took the piss out of. Chris had his best milkshake yet, and the coffee we had was really good.

Part 2 – Inside Arizona

And that’s it I’m afraid; nothing out of the ordinary happened in a nothing out of the ordinary place. We leave you with the post-match analysis brought to you by Starbucks Coffee:

Part 3 – The verdict (brought to you by Starbucks Coffee)

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5 Responses to “Burr’s Two Fingers to Clements Tour of Cafes, Episode 3: Arizona Espresso Company”

  1. Anonymous

    If Arizona was to be a Spielberg film it would have to be ‘The Terminal’. Takes a good concept, does everything v stylishly, keeps you entertained for a while, before being entirely forgettable.

    But without Tom Hanks

  2. Philip

    Well said, Anon.

  3. Tom

    (Lack of mouse ^ internet) = (Tom = anon)

  4. Robbie

    There was no mention of the place being extortionately expensive!

    The milkshakes are rather fantastic however.

    In other news: Chris’s wardrobe strikes again! Perhaps it deserves a rating as well!

  5. Philip

    I saw that the food in particular was pretty expensive. The coffee was an okay price though. Chris likes to shock and amaze.

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