Fit’s that? No bridies?!

Posted by Michael on May 15th, 2011 — 12:07pm

Auckland 15th May 2011
Go on. Eat it!

You know those tirades of vitriol that Creighton Burnette (John Goodman) posts on Youtube in Tremé? Yeah, well if you don’t then you should immediately download, ahem ‘buy’, season one of the show. It’s good stuff. Anyway, in one of them he spews this river of abuse at a number of other American cities. I feel much the same towards Ayr tonight. What the fuck has ever been any good about Ayr? Forfar may have lost their playoff tie against the Honest Men but I still know where I’d rather live. Can’t get a bridie in Ayr, eh? So all you people in Ayr, what I’m basically saying is: fuck you you fucking fucks.

Now Auckland may not have bridies on offer, but it does have a national affection for the pie. And by all accounts the unanimous word on the Auckland streets is that The Fridge in Kingsland serves the best pie in the city. So I rolled on over to Kingsland today and checked out The Fridge. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but the hills and distances in Auckland make any walk between areas fairly unappealing. Anyway, I did it and after a bit of vacillation I went for the steak and cheddar pie. Moroccan lamb was luring me away from the beef based fellas but I thought to make a fair comparison I had to go mainstream. I mean, if Dom Toretto and Paul Walker were pies (and Paul Walker may well have the intellect of one) they would definitely be steak pies. Sean Boswell would be chicken and leek or some shit. Do you catch my drift? Of course you do.

So here’s what’s great about pies from The Fridge. They do the New Zealand pie really well. Their pies are very soft, with a really airy, flaky crust. The cheese was salty and mature. I didn’t know you could get mature cheddar here. I’m not even going to give them much credit for the fact it was generously loaded with chunky bits of tender steak. There have got to be about 23 times as many cows as their are people in this country.

Auckland 15th May 2011

It wasn’t a bridie but I find it hard to believe you get a better pie anywhere in Auckland. Get yerself down to The Fridge on 507 New North Road some time. Have yerself a pie. They’re pretty good.

∼MJ out.

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4 Responses to “Fit’s that? No bridies?!”

  1. Philip

    … a mutton pie + fries with "chicken salt" bought from the NZ equivalent of Centra after a night out in Dunedin. Mutton pie is pretty rank.

  2. Glen

     I enjoyed.

    In food related news, Waitrose have just changed the game re. barbecue.


  3. Philip

    Love the premise for your blog. Consider me subscribed.

  4. Michael

    I’m going to learn a lot from that.

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