KeenKiwi: Chapter 6

Posted by Michael on May 2nd, 2011 — 5:56am

Auckland 2nd May 2011

Mmm. Cream!

Like a well researched Tim Dowling article this post is informed mostly by a quick Google about the Lamington. One .pdf titled ‘New Queensland Icons’ tells me what I need to hear. Amidst a series of articles about cows, frogs, rugby shirts and hills, the local publication from somewhere in Queensland informs me that the Lamington is named after Lord Lamington and his wifey, Lady Lamington, Governor and Lady Governor of Queensland around 1900. The language gets pretty strident towards the end of the article with regards to claims that New Zealand invented this cake. Whatever Australia, Wikipedia tells me that the cake is probably named after the town of Lamington, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Three words for you. Typical. Fucking. Scotland. TV, electricity, the telephone, the microwave, the automobile, cakes dipped in chocolate and desiccated coconut… The Scots claim all of them and more as their personal inventions: ‘Aye, we invented that, eh.’ Regardless, it sounds like the tastiest Lamingtons are found in New Zealand, who favour a Lamington (stale sponge, dipped in chocolate and dusted in coconut shavings) split in half and served with runny raspberry jam and thick whipped cream. (The Aussies like a bit of lemon curd in theirs.) And since I’m in New Zealand let’s call it a Kiwi thing.

The story behind the Lamington is that it used up any stale sponge cake on the go. However, although I did enjoy my Lamington today on Ponsonby Rd I couldn’t help thinking it was a bit dry. A tad… stale? Ah well, I’m going to put this down to charming authenticity as opposed to guff baking… Out of interest my special lady, who I’ll call Little Doric, would love Lamingtons, except she hates desiccated coconut. But as a proud, annoyingly patriotic, little Scot she will probably still lay claim to the sponge. After all, ‘pâtisserie‘, that’s a Scottish term, eh?

∼MJ out.

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5 Responses to “KeenKiwi: Chapter 6”

  1. Scottish Stevie

     Looks like a glorified Tunnock’s Snowball to me, eh.

    Have a wee keek at the world wide web site. I recommend the page in French since I dinny like Union Jacks, eh.

  2. Anonymous

    Lamingtons suck.

    In had one in HK from McCafe. Nae gweed. It wouldn’t even be tasty if the creators removed the coconut shavings.


  3. Anonymous

    You’re trying to say that the Scots are bad for claiming to have invented things, but the Aussies are the worst for stealing food inventions. For example, the Pavlova.

  4. Michael

    I’m just saying that the Scots are the worst.

  5. Philip

    I wasn’t a fan of Lamingtons… until one of the med students brought in home made ones that were not stale. Then they are delicious.

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