Well… we have a new Champion.

Posted by Glen on December 29th, 2010 — 7:28pm


To be honest… It kind of feels right, doesn’t it?

Congratulations Phil. In a year where fantasy was truly dominated by the return of Michael Vick, it is only fair that the lucky chump who had waiver priority that week and nabbed a bit of Mike Vick is our MTL 2010 Champion. To show you just how wacky fantasy football is… the undrafted Mike Vick replaced Leon Washington on Chan’s roster. He was also traded (under highly questionable circumstances) to the Giant Rats for Santana Moss. I bet the Giant Rats wish they had reneged on that sneaky deal before sending Vick back the other way.

It is worth noting that Chan drafted pretty horribly this year. Adrian Peterson was great. Matt Schaub was ok. Number 3 pick? Ryan Mathews. Number 4? Ochocinco. Fantasy football is bullshit, and I love every second of it.

The final wasn’t close, Vick and Matt Forte did their thing as the Boilermakers’ struggled to mount any kind of challenge. But all credit goes to Michael J, who took his team from 10th place in 2009, to 2nd place in 2010. A v. v. impressive turnaround.

In third place, the desperately unlucky M-Hozz. 13-1 in the regular season, an MTL record. Stopped by MJ, Robbie Gould and the Bears D in the semi-finals, 3 points short of fulfilling his place in the final. Had the Hozz led his Tantrum to face off against the Hustle this week, he would have lost by a single point. I, for one, am glad that he was spared such a fate. I worry poor Michael’s head would have simply exploded. A truly exceptional season Michael, congratulations on yr bronze medal.

In 4th place, up from 11th in 2009, your Fearless Leader. Disappointed how the last two weeks panned out, but still proud to have a division title under my belt. And am hoping that my beloved ‘Hawks follow my lead. A sneaky division win, followed by a proud but ultimately fruitless playoff appearance. SEA!

Here are your final 2010 standings.

1. Hustle

2. Boilermakers


4. Farrakhans

5. Goblins

6. Red Tops

7. Giant Rats

8. Wrangers

9. Turtles

10. H’Birds

11. Warriors

12. Baby Bulls


Goat of the year, unfortunately, has to be Chris Burrows, for taking his 2009 Number 1 Seed Bulls to bottom of the pile. I’ll blame Brett Favre, and hope that 2011 turns out better for you Chris.

That will do it for the MTL 2010 season. I will hold another advisory period in late spring/early summer where can can discuss potential developments for next season. We WILL be implementing a keeper system, of some type, into proceedings. Not sure how yet. Open to discussion.

Hopefully there will be some kind of Superburrl event in February, where Phil can collect his Champion’s Bell, and someone will be collecting 60 quid of gambling juice. I realise there are exams of a medical nature happening around this time, but hopefully something cool can happen, even if it isn’t a whole weekend of rad shit like last year.

So until next time, best of luck to the Bears, Eagles, Jets, Pats, Falcons, and most of all, this Sunday night, the mighty Seattle Seahawks. All I want is to be destroyed by a travelling New Orleans Saints team on Wildcard Weekend. That’s all i’ve ever wanted.

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  1. Philip


    Good game and a Happy New Year to you all.

    I think we can all agree that this year was a lot more dynamic and exciting with everything to play for. Hozzle-Tov established himself as the MTL heel, the MTL version of the NFC West appeared and the Baillies… Do they still play?

    I was thinking about how much the waiver order had affected my success. Indeed, I had drafted Vick on the off-off-off chance that he would actually take over as the PHI starter. I can’t believe Kolb was starting a mere 15 weeks ago. And who remembers Randy Moss?

    It’s sad that we have come to the end of the regular season already, and I am praying that the union talks come through for next year. Most of us will have left our undergraduate lives by then and this whole thing already feels like a well established tradition, despite only being in year two.

    I hope you will all join me in thanking our commisioner for another successful MTL season.

    Thanks, Glen!

  2. Philip

    This year the Super Bowl is 10 days away from my finals… Although I will most definitely be watching it live, I won’t be able to do any "rad shit". I would like nothing more than to watch it together with all of you guys but I think you should make plans and not worry about me. I could probably take the day off, though…


  3. M Hozz

    Can’t be any complaints about the winner. Partick Hustle, the only team to win their division both years. Got flukey with Vick, and there were rumours of some dodgy dealings early on, but that sort of consistency in the mad world of fantasy deserves to be rewarded.

    Funny in a year that i made an effort not to make inflammatory remarks and tried to be nicer to my opponents that i established myself as the heel of the MTL. Well, best try to live up to billing by reminding you that i scored the most points, went 14-2 overall, and beat every single one of you at least once this season. Suck on that.

    Great playing with you guys.

    When do we get to draft again?

  4. Michael

    The best team won and the second best team came second. Much like Nixon once said, the MTL is ‘tough but fair’.

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