Week 13- It’s ON

Posted by Glen on December 7th, 2010 — 9:20pm

The lives of those in the Modest Mango web are very busy these days, updates are few and far between. But with one week remaining in the MTL regular season, an update is essential, so as to paint the picture of potential glory/gross failure.

Here, are, the, crucial, standings!

Trossachs Tantrum 12 1 0 .923
Bristow Boilermakers 9 4 0 .692 3
Patapsco Basin Red-Tops 6 7 0 .462 6
Abandoned Baby Bulls 6 7 0 .462 6
Forfar Farrakhans 6 7 0 .462
Biloxi Box Turtles 6 7 0 .462
Prypiat Giant Rats 5 8 0 .385 1
Woodland Warriors 2 11 0 .154 4
Partick Hustle 8 4 1 .654
Green Oak Goblins 8 5 0 .615 0.5
West End Wranglers 7 5 1 .577 1
Holywood Hummingbirds 2 11 0 .154 6.5

The East is wrapped up. M-Hozzle, much to the chagrin of everyone else, has been nothing short of dominant this season. He must be stopped. One can only hope.

The West is still up for grabs. If I beat J-Bail, the division is mine, at an NFC West-esque .500! So proud, so proud. If I fail to win, things get complicated. I believe, that the first tie-breaker is division record. I believe. Then it will be points scored. The other match up in the West is the turtles vs the Rats, which comes into play if I lose. In such an event, the winner of that match wins the division. If Neil wins, he wins on winning percentage, the only team at .500. If the Rats win, all three teams tied at 6-8, their intra-division record of 4-2 will come out trumps.

The Central… eesh. If Chan beats the H’birds, the title is his. If he loses… the winner of the Goblins and Wranglers wins the division.

As for Wildcards… it should be the Boilermakers. It will be the Goblins IF, the b’makers lose, the Goblins win, and the Goblins outscore the b’makers by more than 23 points. Otherwise, Mickey J is in the play offs.

If your team hasn’t been mentioned… you suck. Enjoy the consolation ladder!

Again, apologies for the awful formatting! I’m computer illiterate, and this has never happened before! Sorry guys.

Play off preview next week!

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9 Responses to “Week 13- It’s ON”

  1. Jonny Baillie

    Alas I totally collapsed.  Everytime I went to change my team I always seemed to have to work then totally forget to change my team, then get beat.  In fairness even when I did change my team I still got beat – lets face it, was a silly move to make a dash for the Jets D before more wide receivers.  Alas no Superbowl for me this year :-( 

  2. MHozzle

    I feel that we should have a ‘Battle of the Baillies’, as a sort of unofficial superbowl for you guys.  But kudos for continuing in the face of defeat.  All to play for in the consolation ladder.

    Cheers for the update Glen. 

    I want you in the playoffs, Michael. An MTL East Showdown. 

  3. Anonymous

    Hands up if you think the paragraph on ‘how the west can be won’ was needless. You really think we care about a 3-way tie @ 6-8? Seriously.

  4. Philip

    I can’t believe we’ve reached the end again. My season was single-handedly saved by Michael Vick. How the hell did we let Hozzle pick such a good team? Are we in for some more upsets this year?

  5. MHozzle

    …Of a Patriots Superbowl. Where i get the MTL trophy, and you guys have to hand over £50 quid for me winning the picks competition.

    And if it doesn’t happen?  Well, then….


  6. Philip

    … the worst night of my life.

  7. MHozzle

    13-1, with an 11 game win streak.  For as long as we play fantasy, that isn’t going to be beat, because everyone has to play me at least once.

    Now it starts for real. Boilermakers, we comin’ for you.

  8. Philip

    …are definitely winning this week. It’s slightly sad but also really funny.

  9. MHozzle

    You say that Phil, bet you wouldn’t put money on it though.


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