Week 5 results! And a call for blogging…

Posted by Glen on October 12th, 2010 — 9:28pm

I’m not even close to a founding member, yet i’ve pretty much taken over the Mango in recent weeks, which makes me feel v. v. self conscious, and pretty guilty. So it would be cool if you dudes could do some blogging. I know that you’re all busy saving lives and being Future Businessmen of Tomorrow and all that, but, well you have to prioritise. 

Anyway, week five is in the books, and this is where we’re at.

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Superchallenge Standings

Our first weekly 5-0 goes to Steve Currie, holy mackerel! I felt like there was some great value in last week’s game lines, and was certain I was winning some money from my friends at Paddy Power. I was v. v. wrong, on many levels. But in a week of upsets, great job Scottish Steve, which takes him to top of the standings.

Scottish Steve 7-3

Neil Mc 6-4

Neil F 6-4

Chan 5-5

Glen 5-5

Hozz 5-5

MTL Week 5 News N’ Notes

Can’t be bothered doing the game by game recaps, because they get really repetitive and who gives a shit anyway. So i’ll just stick to a few observations from a competitive weekend’s fantasy action…

Game o’ the week

Tantrum 96- 93 Giant Rats

The Rats bad luck continues with a three point loss to the league leaders, even though he had to start David Garrard, who somehow scraped together a really great 21 point game. How Michael will wish he had started McGahee or Maclin, who held the potentially winning points but sat on the bench. How we all wish he had as well, because now stupid M-Hozzle is 4-1 and full on runnin’ shit with fellow division leader Chris ‘Burr’ Burrows, who himself had a comfy 20 victory over the Goblins. 

Amazingly, these two are joined only by … Michael ‘Johnty’ Johnston, wat, in having winning records so far this season. You may remember Johnston’s Bristow Boilermakers from being totally freaking awful for all of last season. There is clearly something in the water in the more murderous end of Didsbury.

Amusing Anecdote Highlighting Friendships and the Futility of Fantasy Football o’ the Week

Neil F’s Biloxi Box Turtles outgunned Scottish Steve’s Red Tops by 7 this week. That’s a tough enough loss. What makes this worse is that while Derrick Mason slopped away for 4 points for the ‘Tops, on the bench sat Buffalo’s Steve Johnson, Scottish Stevie’s most recent waiver-wire pick up. 5 catches for 46, and… TWO TOUCHDOWNS?! From Ryan Fitzpatrick?! Wat. I never saw that coming. But a certain Scottish Stevie did…

Sadly for Scottish Steve, his lovely weekend away in Stirling was marred by the usual return trip to St Andrews on a Stagecoach Fife bus. Needles to say, Steve ended up stuck in Glenrothes for an hour, at a time where he would have much rather been home, listening to football, and switching his new waiver wire pick up Steve Johnson into the Red Tops’ line up.


Standings after Week 5

Abandoned Baby Bulls 4 1 0 .800
Trossachs Tantrum 4 1 0 .800
Bristow Boilermakers 3 2 0 .600 1
Patapsco Basin Red-Tops 2 3 0 .400 2



West End Wranglers 2 2 1 .500
Partick Hustle 2 2 1 .500
Green Oak Goblins 2 3 0 .400 0.5
Holywood Hummingbirds 2 3 0 .400 0.5
Prypiat Giant Rats 2 3 0 .400
Woodland Warriors 2 3 0 .400
Biloxi Box Turtles 2 3 0 .400
Forfar Farrakhans 2 3 0 .400

Weekly Studs and Goats

This was going to be a bigger feature this week but i’m getting a headache due to two surrounding circumstances. 1) Watching Scotland and 2) listening to my mother rant about Scotland/universities/politicians/me. I could do with a long walk off a pretty short pier.

Stud of the week though, Matt Forte! 32 points! Unreal. Oh wait. He was on Chan’s bench. Singlehandedly costing the Hustle a win. Ouch.

Stud of the week on no one’s roster? Oakland special teams. 29 points. That could have won someone a match up, but then again, no one in their right mind would have started them. Right?

Goat of the week? Regardless of the fact he would never ever ever be on any of our rosters, but… Todd Collins. Great job, Todd Collins. How do you like this stat line… 6 of 16, 32 yards, 4INTS. That’s a -7 fantasy points on the day. 

I would do anything, I mean anything, for a Todd Collins Show next Sunday when the Bears host my flaky ‘hawks at Soldier Field. But instead we’ll get Cutler, and the Martz pass happy stuff which is just perfectly suited for picking away at the short and slow Seattle secondary. Also they have no one to take Cutler’s head off Umenyiora style. 

Bad week coming…

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3 Responses to “Week 5 results! And a call for blogging…”

  1. Philip

    Firstly, FUCK for forgetting that Cutler had a concussion.

    Secondly, yes, I really want to put some blogs out. I could say that my life has been taken over with studying and nothing interesting ever happens to me any more but that would be a lie. The fact is that interesting things do happen to me except that I really shouldn’t blog about any of it. For example – how I literally saved a man’s life at a frisbee tournament on Saturday – I really can’t joke about it because he probably needed neurosurgery and I don’t know if he has recovered.

  2. Michael

    I can’t get over how tough that division is. It’s like the polar opposite of the NFC West.  

  3. Glen

     is as balls to the wall intense as the MTL West is balls to the wall mediocrity.



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