Week 4: MTL and Superchallenge Results

Posted by Glen on October 6th, 2010 — 8:31pm

Word up, football fans. Week 4 is in the books, and it totally sucked ass.

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Mango SuperChallenge Standings

Finlayson: 4-1

Hollingworth: 4-1

Chan: 3-2

Christie: 3-2

McComb: 3-2

Currie: 2-3

A successful first week for the 6 men brave enough to put their money where their mouth is. No one embarrassed themselves and no one rushed out to a perfect start. Sadly this also means that no-one involved in any extracurricular spread betting made any money. Never mind. 

Competitors, I shall email you this week’s lines. There are a couple of gimmees but it’s a pretty tough list.

Mango Tour League Week 4 Results

Tantrum 112-95 Farrakhans 

I hate talking about this, I got screwed again. Totally screwed. Whiny cry baby Hollingworth was whining and crying about how his poor team was gonna get beat by a solid Forfar performance. Until Stupid Arian Foster went nuts, AGAIN, joined by 17 from Peyton Hillis and 19 from Zach Miller. My proud militant black men put up a v. respectable 95 points despite Andre Johnson sitting out, and being replaced by Louis Murphy, and his fantastic 1 catch for 5 yards. My season is over, just kill me. 

Get Well Soon Big Man

Giant Rats 63-79 Red Tops

Nasty little match up, and especially disappointing from the reigning champions who are clearly having some serious running back problems, having to start Willis McGahee and Jason Snelling this week. Ryan Grant hitting IR so early has to hurt. A big fat nothing from Santana Moss never helps. On the other side, impressive enough day from the Red Tops, especially an 18 from Reggie Wayne, who Steve predicted in the preseason would get injured and miss the year before week 1. Guess Steve is lucky his wishes don’t come true. Playing Lawrence Maroney though… yuck. 11 carries for 5 yards. Brillo!

Hummingbirds 60-68 Baby Bulls

Jesus, do I have to talk about this? Worst game. Despite DeAngelo Williams finding his feet with a 15, 3 from stupid stinking Matt Hasselbeck (3 more than he deserved, the cowardly useless hunk of useless Boston bullshit), 1 from beanie Wells and 0 from Lee Evans. Ugh. The Bulls grab an undeserved win thanks solely to Antonio Gates’ 27.

I don’t wanna be that guy, but… you’re pushing it, Matt.

Hustle 115-84 Box Turtles

Chan Man continues his strong season start with a week high 115 points, despite starting Mike Vick who didn’t last a half, and keeping Matt Schaub’s 19 on the bench. Studly stud performances from two washed up old dudes (28 from LDT, 30 from TO, and 2004 called, desperate for their fantasy studs back) sealed the deal. The Box Turtles had a decent enough week but still couldn’t come close, mainly due to a measly 1 from DeSean Jackson and only 12 from Aaron Rodgers. 12 from each of Shonn Greene, Darren McFadden (another hammy injury though, ugh) and Hakeem Nicks? Nice going forward…

Warriors 55-106 Goblins

55 Jonny Bailie? 55? Almost half of those points came from Phil Rivers running up the score on the worst team in the NFC West. Pierre Thomas sat the week out, as did Mario Manningham, and Steve Smith left hurt with an ankle. Poor. Show. The Goblins were fine, thanks to another 25+ Peyton Manning show, and 19 each from Addai and Rashard Mendenhall… tasty. He also might have a legit WR2 in Brandon Lloyd, with over 100 yards in the third week out of 4.

Boilermakers 104-92 Wranglers

Internet-less Michael Johnson, firing on all cylinders! 24 from MJD, 14 from Braylon Edwards! 12 from Big Slow Brandon Jacobs! 18 from the Sanchize! Sanchize! And Big Ben is on the bench for the ‘makers. That’s a tasty little QB situation there. The Wranglers can rightly feel hard done by again this week, and kept it close thanks to another shocker from Kyle Orton (currently our second leading fantasy scorer wat), 13 from Gore, 18 from Bradshaw (another injury fright though…) but 0! from Randy Moss. That’s Randy Moss, of the Minnesota Vikings. Neil better hope Brett Favre gets on as well as Brady did with him. Nice to have him avoid a bye week though! Could have had the win though, 13 from Torain and 17 for Tolbert, but both on the bench. Ouch.

Cap’n NeckBeard everybody!

Standings after Week 4

Abandoned Baby Bulls 3 1 0 .750
Trossachs Tantrum 3 1 0 .750
Bristow Boilermakers 2 2 0 .500 1
Patapsco Basin Red-Tops 2 2 0 .500 1
Woodland Warriors 2 2 0 .500
Prypiat Giant Rats 2 2 0 .500
Biloxi Box Turtles 1 3 0 .250 1
Forfar Farrakhans 1 3 0 .250



West End Wranglers 2 1 1 .625
Partick Hustle 2 1 1 .625
Green Oak Goblins 2 2 0 .500 0.5
Holywood Hummingbirds 1 3 0 .250 1.5



Still too early to say anything, but the 1-3 teams will be struggling to get there come the end of the year. The Tantrum look strong, but the Bulls are right there, despite their patchy scoring. How ’bout that East though, tough, titties. 

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3 Responses to “Week 4: MTL and Superchallenge Results”

  1. Philip

    …so weird.

  2. Michael

    I feel like the Boilermakers finally have a real identity about them. They are the Minnesota Vikings of the MTL East – all about using up cap space on trades and free agency but never quite delivering over the course of a season because of a coach worse than Vinny del Negro.

    *Oh yeah, with a bit of the drafting prowess of the Chicago Bears added in.

  3. Glen

     you fancy yourself as a Del Negro kind of guy, I prefer taking the previous analogy to its fullest extent.

    You are Brad Childress. And I find that so amusing that I have renamed you in my phonebook as ‘Chilly’.

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