Michael Goes East

Posted by Michael on June 1st, 2010 — 8:15pm

This summer brings ModestMango’s craziest, zaniest, wackiest miniseries since This Glaswegian Life

16-08-2008 18-20-49


I have no idea what to expect. But I’m hoping for this:


cd_ 12-08-2008 14-34-59

Or this.

18-08-2008 03-43-30

And if you’re lucky, girls. You might get something like this.

4 Aug 2008 01-58

Of course, if I’m really lucky (and I think I might be) I’ll find something completely different to all the above.

ModestMangoHongKong’10 hits screens 10th August 2010



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4 Responses to “Michael Goes East”

  1. Philip

    Can’t wait. Going to blow minds. Melt brains. Change lives.

    Johnston + Chan + HK = Boom.

  2. CDB

     No way, Mango HK – sounds awesome.


    Michael, are you touring or is HK the main destination?

  3. Philip

    Burr, we’ll see you there.

  4. Michael

    I’m only going to the part of Asia that matters. i.e. the Hong Kong part. I’m staying with the Brown clan. Turns out P! is there at the same time.

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