Jonny Baillie’s Beard: The Story of One Man and His Facial Hair

Posted by Philip on April 13th, 2010 — 11:34pm

 "Jonny Baillie’s Beard: The Story of One Man and His Facial Hair" is a short documentary I made about Jonny Baillie shaving his beard off.

Watch it here.

This film is dedicated to Neil Kinnear, Jonny Baillie and Amy Pond.


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6 Responses to “Jonny Baillie’s Beard: The Story of One Man and His Facial Hair”

  1. Philip

    We wanted to keep the project purely beard and felt that moustache would deviate too much from what we were trying to achieve.

  2. Michael

    You guys at Chan Productions are great. Rebecca also thinks so. Rebecca was also a big fan of the initial trim. 

  3. Michael

    My favourite beard has got to be the first one, when initially trimmed. 

  4. Neil

    V good but come on now. How could you not go from full goatee to 80s handle bar and finish on Hitler moustache?

  5. Sunny

    Chan i know this is old news by now, but i just watched it. Epic film-making. Hard hitting truths about the difficuly in a manly beard and it’s loss

  6. Sunny

    Oh damn, i hate my grammar. I totally didn’t mean to put an apostrophe at “it’s” i knew i should have previewed my spur of the moment message.

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