Production Diary, 10/04/10: The Blind Side

Posted by Philip on April 11th, 2010 — 11:09pm

It’s time to make another film. This time I have new toys, a crew and one trained actor. Well, by crew I mean Michael Henderson and by trained actor I mean… trained actor, actually : ) . I’m shooting with a Lumix TZ7, meaning crystal clear 720p images and an in-built stereo mic. Although, who needs an inbuilt mic when you have a sound man!


Mic + Boom Pole + Headphones = Looking pro.


Ronan and John performing a pivotal scene.

I’m going to try hard not to give too much about Project John away but I think it’s probably safe to show you a couple of videos from the shoot yesterday when a blind man walked directly into the entire crew and then into the shot.

Video 1


Video 2

The overriding reason for this post is to displace the picture of an almost naked Ben Clarke from the top of our weblog. But despite that, I hope a production diary will be of interest to our Mango readers. Things I’m attempting in the future include using a bicycle and two able men as a makeshift dolly. I’ll let you know how that goes if I survive.

Thanks to Jonny Baillie for the photographs and for being an excellent human clapper board. Speaking of which, watch this space for some more Jonny Baillie related media very soon…


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4 Responses to “Production Diary, 10/04/10: The Blind Side”

  1. Michael

     When? Any idea when this project will be going out?

  2. Philip

    I’m keeping quiet about the plot. As for when it will be ready… I’m not willing to commit to anything but it will have to be within the next ten weeks…

  3. Michael

    Summer blockbuster then. I was only asking because, keeping my ear close to the dirty Glasgow ground, strewn as it with dirty needles and empty Space Raiders packets, I overheard a certain Asian film-maker telling a certain formerly bearded Doctor that certain project was ‘rendering’. I had got my wires crossed.

  4. Neil McComb

    So whats the plot? Does it involve a runner? Someone running yeah? Yeah?

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