iPad – crap name but…

Posted by Thomas on January 28th, 2010 — 6:02pm

This sums up my initial reactions perfectly…

Top 10 Reasons the Apple will put the Kindle out of Business

1) The multi-functional capability. Buy a Kindle and you get… a reader. Another dedicated device to carry. Buy an iPad, and you get a whole new companion that can do pretty much anything. Games, movies, browsing, documents, and more—all in one. And zillions of iPhone apps. It’s sooooo much more than a reader, it’s a whole-life device.

via TechCrunch 

28/01/10 – edited by Phil to be 100% less plagiarised.

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  1. CDB

    Lol. Did you copy and paste the entire Techcrunch article ;) ?

    I completely agree the name is, well, embarrassing. 

    Steven P. Jobs had me at $499. (Before the announcement I fully expected to skip v1-2 before I could justify a $800-1000 price tag – I’m buying this day 1).

    Do I need this category of device? No, way… but I so want one. Is it a main stream hit? I think it will take in the region of 24 months before the public realise a use case, if indeed they do. Newspaper deals, magazine deals, potential all-you-can-eat tv deals will define this category (we are not there yet). 

    I’m a little disappointed that Apple didn’t implement a reference UI for mag/newspapers to adopt – perhaps even a store. The NYT did demo a tablet specific UI for their app (very consumable) but it is still a stand alone app. I have some thoughts on features and UI that I hope to share in a future blog post, but the deal atm is that Apple is not locking down the touch mag/newspaper market. I wish they would show their hand, because if they do not intend to control this market there is a sizeable opportunity to realise a model to implement a ref UI* and to leverage partner deals. I fear, though, that they will lock down these deals in the very near future.

    Apple, please, don’t eat my lunch.


    *I’m undecided if the app approach is preferred because Apple feels that each publication deserves a dedicated UI.

  2. Michael

    You’re buying one. First highlight of 2010. 

  3. Philip

    As an eReader the Kindle is going to be superior simply because it uses e-ink and therefore does not burn a hole through your skull via your retinas after an hour of use like the iPad will.

    iPad – sure sounds like a crap name but has the potential to be a masterstroke whenever in three years time all personal computing devices start being referred to as "pads". You’ll never hear the words "tablet", "notebook", or perhaps even "laptop" ever again. Perhaps.

    Also perhaps… I will eventually stop thinking about Always Ultra when I hear the word "pad". Perhaps it has something to do with having constant exposure to lady problems in hospital lately.

    Also also "Wii" sounded hilarious initially didn’t it? It’s now a household name. And all the micturition jokes eventually… pissed off. LOLZ.

  4. Michael

    This seems an arbitrary comparison. I don’t think most people are aware of the Kindle. I think, as CD said, the more pertinent question is whether consumers will ‘get it’. A lot of people brought it up in conversation with me today and the general consensus was somewhere between bemusement and skepticism. The number of times I heard, ‘It’s just a big iPhone…’ The only reply I could think of was that it looked hotter than jonnycakes. Other than that I could not come up with any pros or cons. I want one though. And with a CD designed interface to access any form or source of media I so desire.


  5. Philip

    We await your blog post. You must do it.

    Also, I have come across literally no one in the two days post Stevenote who I can have a proper discussion/debate about the new device. It’s driving me mental. There is so much to talk about. Let’s do coffee next week.

  6. Thomas


    I have just been roasted by Phil on facebook for my plagiarism. To the extent that I feel the need to apologise to the mango-world. And to explain myself.

    My defence is actually quite supportive of the iPad. My laptop is perched perilously on my knee and the in-built mouse is not having a very good time of it. I became so fed up with the mouse not clicking when I wanted it to and clicking when I didnt want it to, that I ended up just copying and pasting the whole techcrunch article.

    The question you have to ask yourself – would the iPad’s intuitive touch screen have put me in that position?

    As a footnote, Phil might be right about the iPad catching on as a name. Maybe Steve Jobs actually is more than just a genius.

  7. Michael

    He’s Advanced.

  8. Philip

    We forgive you, Thomas.

    Surely the real question is whether you should have bought a decent laptop? Why is it that only Macbooks have a large touchpad with multitouch gestures? Are both those features patented? Care to enlighten us, B?

  9. CDB

    I don’t know for sure (not really interested enough to google it), but given my limited knowledge of patent law I expect that the touchpad/button mechanism is patentable – so therefore has prob. been filed.

    I suppose I should comment on the TC article – but I won’t it’s entirely derivative. On an aside, don’t you hate top ten lists – entirely traffic whores. That was a comment. Next. I suggest you read Jeff Croft’s post on the iPad – I agree with a lot of what he says. A quote that I was going to tweet, but didn’t (I figured I should stop tweeting about the iPad), is:

    …the iPad is, pretty much, a sheet of glass. It’s a playing field and a ball. It’s up to app developers to invent a sport for it.

    Via jeffcroft.com


  10. Philip

    … a giant iPod Touch. It really is.

  11. Thomas

    …is that he has got me really wanting an iPad. Despite my better judgement.

    I was all set to dismiss it as the latest iFad. To denounce those who slavishly craved its indulgences as worshipers at the altar of mindless idolatry.

    And yet the turtle-neck sweater wearing b*****d has me thinking I will end up paying at least 15 of my hard-earned notes (assuming we all operate in £20s rather than higher denominations) when the thing becomes available in the UK.

    Man = genius

  12. Tim

    I found this on a friend’s blog.  A rigorous critique of the ipad if ever I saw one.


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