Livingston | Forfar – 12.12.09

Posted by Michael on December 15th, 2009 — 4:49pm

Venue: Almondvale Stadium


Livingston  1
Loons  2

A win away against the league leaders with a goal in the 90th minute. Steve would call it ‘euphoria’ and Steve would be right. However, the word is Dick Campbell and the boys are struggling with the attention brought on by this new stardom. Dick in particular has been targeted, with the paperazzi doggedly picturing him doing such mundane activities as having a meal with his wife, feeding the cat or even having a few beers with his mates in Seville.

If you haven’t seen the allegedly untampered video then here’s the story. Dick Campbell sang ‘Derry’s Walls’, ‘The Sash’ and shouted a few obscenities. Sectarianism? Really? Here’s why this has been blown out of all proportion:

1) Dick Campbell is an old fella. Sectarianism and racism don’t matter if someone is old. We just roll our eyes. Like my dad, for example, he’s not as cosmopolitan or educated as me and it can be a little embarrassing. Don’t hold it against him because he doesn’t understand all the trendy new words. Like he’ll say ‘poofs’ instead of ‘gays’, ‘birds’ instead of ‘women’, ‘darkies’ instead of ‘coloureds’.

2) Everyone is assuming the video is not a fake. Arbroath fans would go to any length to get one over on our beloved Loons. Haven’t we learnt anything from 24? 

3) Listen to all the contrary evidence. Here are the quotes I have found:

‘Dear, dear, dear… they can tell you what they want son. Everybody that knows me should know better than to talk about that." – Dick to NOTW

‘We have never had any sectarian problems. It is something we have never had to worry about. I am not going to comment on something I know nothing about.’ – Forfar’s club Secretary David McGregor to BBC

‘Dear, dear, dear, they can tell you what they want . . . but I don’t ken what Derry’s Walls is.’ – Dick to BBC

4) Loon fans do not care. We really don’t. As long as we are beating Livingston we really don’t care what Dick does in the six days between games.


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  1. Glen

    But Forfar colours are blue… like Rangers.

    Also, is that not a duplicate Alistair photo? Sure we’ve seen that one before…

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