“Far Flung: An Ultimate Frisbee Club” Premiere

Posted by Philip on November 28th, 2009 — 12:33pm

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5 Responses to ““Far Flung: An Ultimate Frisbee Club” Premiere”

  1. Michael

    Nervous how the screening will go? 

  2. Philip

    A bit, I have a feeling that it’s actually really boring.

  3. CDB

    Is the premiere black tie ;) Shame I can’t make it. 

    Hopefully you can get a dvd copy to me soon-kinda like an oscar print, I could leak it as a preair?


  4. Philip

    Black tie would rock but I’m not sure I can locate a long red carpet or find a hot date in time.

    Here’s the question to the both of you – would you like a DVD with the H.264 720p mpeg4 or would you like a standard def DVD that can actually be played in a DVD player with pro looking menus?

  5. Michael

    I will be watching it on my McBook so it really doesn’t matter too much to me. I’m just excited about the content.

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