Production Diary, 25/11/09: I think it’s done

Posted by Philip on November 25th, 2009 — 1:41am

1:35am – I’m having a celebratory bowl of cereal.

Strange thoughts have been running through my head lately during my day-to-day. Leaving the flat, I often worry that a robber will break in and steal my laptop and the two hard drives I’ve backed up my footage on. Driving, I often worry that I will be involved in a road traffic accident that would at the very least cut into my free time for editing and at the very worst kill me, which of course would mean I wouldn’t be able to finish the film at all.

Currently FCE is exporting the the first cut of my film and it apparently will take "about 2 hours".

1:41am – I’m thinking about getting another bowl of cereal.


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5 Responses to “Production Diary, 25/11/09: I think it’s done”

  1. Michael

    I’ll join you in your celebratory bowl since I just finished my paeds + Obs&Gynae exams. What cereal are you going for?

  2. Philip

    Congrats. I went for a mix: Tesco Sultana Bran + Kelogg’s Crunchy Nut Clusters + Semi-skimmed Milk.

  3. Michael

     I went for a bit of classic Nut.

    The word combo reminds me of ‘ham slam’ and ‘get stuffed’.

  4. Michael

    Is this thing ready to air? 

  5. Philip

    I’m going to have a premiere first next week and then I’ll work out a way to upload it. However… if you and Burr FB me your addresses I will send you a DVD.

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