Production Diary, 20/11/09: The Final Five

Posted by Philip on November 20th, 2009 — 8:53pm

There is nothing left for me to do this weekend. I would say that the project is at 95% with the final 5 still to be filmed next week in the form of the last interview. How does it feel? Utterly unbearable. I want to finish this film right now.

A few minutes ago I went through the entire 40 minutes of film to fix the audio levels and having watched it from start to finish for the first time – I’m worried. Worried that all the interesting parts are actually really boring; worried that all the explanatory bits are actually really confusing; worried that all the really awesome music is actually really lame; worried that this entire thing is actually completely unwatchable.


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  1. Michael

     It’ll be FNL when this shit airs, not FML.

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