Production Diary, 17/11/09: Explosions In The Sky

Posted by Philip on November 18th, 2009 — 12:20am

Explosions In The Sky has saved my film. There is now a finished part of the film that I can truly say I am proud of, and man am I desperate to show it to the world. But I can’t yet.

Sometimes I think people don’t take me seriously. I more than openly tell people that I am making a documentary and I always wonder what they think I’m actually doing when I say that. Most people probably think I’m making some sort of ultimate frisbee music video montage. Most people are heavily underestimating my intentions with this project. Though, I must stress the word intentions.

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3 Responses to “Production Diary, 17/11/09: Explosions In The Sky”

  1. NHS East Lancs Staff

    I am starting to get excited.

  2. Sunny



    I think you have too much time on your hands papa chan, don’t you have homework?


    Haha, and i did think you were making an ultimate frisbee montage, with morrissey background music. Michael should dance in the intro.



  3. Philip

    You have to come to the premiere. There is definitely dancing in it.

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