Angelfish Place 4th In Belfast Summer League ’09

Posted by Philip on August 26th, 2009 — 4:46pm

(Post edited to include part 3 of documentary.)

Belfast-based ultimate frisbee team Ultra Mega Super Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go! 3: EX Plus Alpha made their third career competition appearance this year in Northern Ireland’s biggest ultimate frisbee event, Belfast Summer League, in which over 70 players took part throughout June, July and August. The Fish placed 4th in the league that was won by Comber-based CHASE, with The Swerve of Coleraine taking Spirit.

Fans were surprised The Fish even managed to pull together a squad this year, with star players Christopher Burress and Michael "Vick" Johnston having been suspended following gun and animal abuse charges respectively. Luckily, The Fish are a dedicated group and joining the core team of Philip Chan, Nigel Chan, Ryan Mulligan and John McConkey were returning Fish: George Paxton, Jonny Baillie, Peter Alexander and John Meenan. In addition, veteran Jeremy Moore and undrafted rookies Nick Shaw and Andy "T1000" McNeice became integral members of the squad.

The Fish, who made their debut a mere nine months ago, are going from strength to strength. The constant recruitment of young, enthusiastic players means that the future is bright for the Belfast-based team that draws its players from universities throughout the whole of the UK. They intend to enter more competitions in the near future.

The Fish are always looking for new players of all abilities and are a coed team. If you are interested in playing ultimate frisbee please contact the team. To find out more about Belfast Ultimate, look no further than this excellent documentary by Kebab Hammer’s Luke Carlisle:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Neil

     Well done for fourth. Shame it wasn’t a podium finish but you can’t have everything. You won in the naming scheme. Kebab hammer just sounds……nasty! I thought you also had some aqua-teen hunger force type team name though. Sparkle was definitely in there. This documentary is fucking incredible by the way. Mad dap to the maker. 

  2. Philip

    Many thanks, Neil. I have now edited the post with our full name. :)

  3. Neil


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