2.0 Syndrome

Posted by Philip on August 27th, 2007 — 8:54pm

Have you noticed that the Colonel is looking a lot younger these days?

It doesn’t stop there either. Take a look at this ad for KFC Hong Kong’s black pepper chicken:

It certainly ticks all the boxes. A lady holding a big black ball that bursts to give lots of smaller black balls? Jars of water being smashed with a baseball bat? An explosion in reverse? Yes, yes, and yes. This could very well bring in the edgy hipster demographic that has always eluded the Colonel.

And from one needless edgifying of a brand to another as the new series of Ready Steady Cook started airing today on BBC2, complete with a techno remix of the theme tune, a darker studio, and an Ainsley 2.0 who now walks in front of the kitchen when moving between the green peppers and the red tomatoes. The cameraman has clearly been watching Bourne as well, as we were treated to hyper-close close-ups of a roasted onion and a tendency for the camera to not be able to stay still for more than literally 3 seconds.

Colonel and Ainsley, stick to what you did best. We loved you the way you were. What are you like, Ainsley? What are you like?

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  1. Johnstang

    That KFC “bird” has got some great hair. Lolzor!

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