Pie 0.1 Beta Testing Day

Posted by Philip on July 3rd, 2009 — 1:06am

From this…

24 Jun 2009 22-50

…to this…

Jun 2009 23-23

…then finally this…

25 Jun 2009 19-23

…so did it work?

25 Jun 2009 19-08

As you can see, beta tester Jonny Baillie paid close attention to even the finest details – the smells, the colours, the textures, the crimping – all before any of 0.1 touched a single taste bud. The general consensus was that it was pretty good, but in my opinion not release candidate material. This puppy is staying in beta until IĀ get it right.


Bug report:

1. Pastry 0.1 was not rich enough. This will be patched for 0.2 release, i.e. there will be lard in the dough for that extra kick. Fat is flavour.

2. Sauce 0.1 could probably have used more mustard. The 0.2 release will see Dijon being used instead of wholegrain, with the inclusion of perhaps an actual stand-alone solid state mustard seed solution.

3. Chicken 0.1 could probably have been more tender. Chicken 0.2 will probably consist of all thigh meat instead of a mixture of both breast and thigh. And finally…

4. Pie 0.1 lacked something. It just wasn’t special. Perhaps this comes with experience.


Many thanks to all the beta testers who kindly volunteered their taste buds for the day.


25 Jun 2009 19-10

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