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Posted by Michael on June 28th, 2009 — 1:11am

Sadly this is going under ‘General’┬ábecause there is no ‘Hair’┬ácategory but maybe after today we’ll have a few more posts about hair (Porter and CDB I’m talking to you; Thomas, naturally you are excused). Back in the day Phil and I were regular visitors to any purveyor stocking the various hair products of that bald sensation (once again, not you Thomas), and one of our ‘heroes’, the one and only, Trev…

Manchester 27th June 2009

The fact he has his own shop might have just inspired me to rock out that quiff I worked so hard to coiffeur for so much of sixth form. However, I don’t think I am quite ready to return to the days of that Fran Healy effort… Oh god…

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7 Responses to “For Phil”

  1. Philip

    Just as Beethoven was a deaf musical genius, Trevor Sorbie is a bald trichological genius.

  2. Philip

    Burr did you do that?

  3. CDB

    Yeah I did.

  4. Michael

    Yeah ya did.

  5. Philip

    Yeah she is.

  6. Philip

    Dr. Phil can only help you with weight loss and marital or family troubles.

  7. Thomas at work


    Does Trev have anything to counteract wandering hair? Mine seems to be leaving my scalp and migrating to my back, chest, legs, anywhere it can find.

    Dr Phil – can you help me?

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