This Glaswegian Life #6

Posted by Philip on June 17th, 2009 — 12:20am

From, it’s This Glaswegian Life. I’m Philip Chan. Our story today, which has the theme “Post-Exam Life” is in four acts.

Act 1: The Doctor Who Joke,
Act 2: The Doctor Who Exhibition,
Act 3: Livin’ La Vida Loca,
Act 4: Summer.

Act 1: The Doctor Who Joke

John: “Knock-knock.”
Phil: “Who’s there?”
John: “Doctor Who.”

True story.

Act 2: The Doctor Who Exhibition*


Act 3: Livin’ La Vida Loca


Act 4: Summer

Summer time in Glasgow is always a rare treat.

And this is why we must make the most of it.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a sausage-fest…

And sometimes it’s a bit of a banana show…**

But as always, we’re keeping it real.

Enjoy your summer.

It’s going to be a good one.

See you outside.

* The Doctor Who Exhibition is currently on at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.
** The West End Festival is currently on in Glasgow.
*** And thanks to Jonny “Banana Show” Baillie for photographic and maraca shaking contributions.

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7 Responses to “This Glaswegian Life #6”

  1. Jonny Baillie

    I see that banana show is going to stick, I guess its another one of the ridiculous nicknames i’ve managed to gather over the years…

  2. Michael

    Jonny Baillie dances likes a Parkinsons patient on speed – shakin’ hips, shakin’ hands. The girls must love it.

  3. Philip

    It’s not just a nickname. It’s so much more than that.

  4. Anonymous

    I love This Glaswegian Life! How can you only have done six of these in the entire history of modest mango?

  5. Philip

    Basically I did quite a lot in the first year of Mangomania. A lot of the TGLs just had random content in it. I’ve now moved more towards making shorter more frequent posts instead of saving them up for one story. I have missed it though and that’s why I’m trying to gather small stories under certain “themes” and putting them out as TGL.

    Thanks for writing in, would you like an autograph?

  6. Gillian

    OH MY GOD, Philip just spoke to me!!!!1 An autograph would be great thanks, just address it to ‘Gillian Cathro, Dalbeattie’ and it should reach me.

  7. Philip

    I bet it actually would. I might try it.

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