Prepare for the General Election

Posted by Thomas on June 4th, 2009 — 10:38pm

It has been announced that James Purnell, an important cabinet minister and a possible candidate for Labour Party leadership, has resigned and told Gordon Brown to resign.

The pressure on Brown is now too great – first Smith, then Blears, and now Purnell. With bad election results due over the next few days, the Prime Minister is going to have to call a snap election before the summer.

Exciting times…

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  1. CDB

    Logistically can an election even happen before summer-recess?

  2. Thomas at work

    Summer recess doesn’t begin until the fourth week of July. That gives us 8 possible weeks for a 3 week campaign.

    John Hutton, the Defence Sec of State, has also resigned.

    To paraphrase Oscar Wilde – to lose one Cabinet member may be thought of as unfortunate. To lose four in four days is unprecedented carelessness….

  3. Anonymous

    You’re a Conservative, right? If you have any sense you’ll be hoping the inevitable return of the Tories is as late as possible.

    To paraphrase Vince Chase – everyone wants to kill the party in power. But the opposition, they just sail along telling all the ladies, “One day I’m going to be in power.”

  4. Michael

    Last week Thomas you urged everyone: not to lose all inherent rational over this expenses malarkey; to vote for the mainstay of government, the big three political parties; and certainly NOT to swell BNP support by voting for them instead!

    I live in Lancashire and the BNP gained a seat here, so quoting OJ – ‘Now, I know what’ya thinkin’…’

    I did not vote BNP. I wouldn’t be that spiteful despite how I envy your looks so…

  5. Michael

    You have no idea the extent that Lowe hysteria has hit the streets of Manchester. I’ve been selling ‘Vote Lowe’ placards on Oxford Road every Saturday since December. £20 a pop! And next week is the draw for ‘Win a dinner with Thomas Lowe’.

  6. Thomas

    £20 a pop? How much money have you made since December? I would suspect you’ve actually lost money with such a price and prize!

    And who pays for the dinner? I would only deign to eat at a restaurant approved by CD…

  7. Michael

    I was potentially going to be doing a placement in Burnley hospital starting the end of next week. Sadly I’m not anymore but maybe I would have fitted in.

  8. Thomas

    Sorry for not replying to this thread more quickly. It’s great to see some political debate on mm!

    To Anonymous – I’m not sure I understand your logic. I work for a Conservative MP and want to see the end of this sorry Government. Any supporter of the Opposition, or other opponents of the Government, will have major differences with the Labour Party. Sniping from the outside is no comparison to the implementation of your own policies. It’s the difference between watching football on television and being on the pitch. And if it were an issue, power is the greater aphrodisiac!

    To Michael – are you trying to suggest that the people of Lanacashire, avid readers of the great modest mango, voted for the BNP because I advised them not to? I never knew my opinion was taken so seriously in the North West!

  9. Philip

    The only two things you can be sure about in a CD-approved restaurant is that:

    1. The Cantonese chicken will definitely be untraditionally served with sauce, and

    2. The waitresses will be slammin’.

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