Gray sky blueeer

Posted by Michael on May 9th, 2009 — 11:43am

This summer the Mango will have its first spin-off blog. Up until now English Glen, Scottish Steve and Nelly have only been fictional characters mentioned in passing but come July they’re springing to life. Follow the incomprehensible brogue of Steve, the glib Englishness of Glen or the dry wit of Neil by Twitter, the Blog and of course the Mango, which I promise to update daily as we go from Arby’s in north California to Red Lobster in Oregon, from Taco Bell in South Dakota to Wendy’s in Nebraska, from Jack in the Box in Kansas to Andy’s Frozen Custard in Illinois and of course we’ll be making a special stop at the home of the Colonel in Louisville, KY.


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  1. Philip

    I even made you a new category.

    You need to get one of these puppies I saw on Tekzilla to record a video diary + other “golden” moments.

    p.s. Burr, why didn’t you tell me about Tekzilla before. I can’t wait until me and Tekzilla girl are married.

    p.p.s. Is Tekzilla the reason you always use the word “puppy”?

  2. Philip

    Big bald guy is actually alright. But it’s really quite irrelevant when I’m spending 95% of the time looking on the right-hand side of the screen. I realised I was subconsciously doing this when I watch it but then eventually just gave in to it. The juice is definitely worth the squeeze. Awww yeah.

  3. Philip

    The question is, will the spin-off blog be more like Frasier or Joey?

  4. Michael

    I was actually going to title the blog something to do with Joey.

  5. CDB

    Sounds like a fun tour!

    BTW if you quote @fastfoodtour09 (inc @) that’s the twitter link ;)

    Re. Chan – a lot of Tekzilla questions from you today… I’m pretty sure I used the word “puppy” in its given context before the show ‘aired’. Patrick annoys me at times but ‘the juice is worth the squeeze’.

  6. CDB

    The Kodak does look nice, not a bad price point either.

    I quite like the look of the Flip Mino HD but @ £160 quite pricey. I guess I keep coming back to the point that the pocketable Flip like camera doesn’t make market sense. I know they are quite big ATM but for £160+ you could buy a nice point and shoot with 720 HD video and more importantly quality glass.

    The pocket HD market is evolving but I can’t help but feel that the product should ultimately live in one of the two devices (or both) that we already carry: the phone and/or point-and-shoot camera (two products that are in themselves converging… tho it is a problem fitting quality glass into a phone sized product (the sensor is the easy part!)).

    What I really want is a 500D and a 50mm lenses – hell make that a 5D mark II – puppies galore!

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