Hi Googlebot, please index this page. Christopher David Burrows.

Posted by Philip on April 29th, 2009 — 2:24pm

You may have noticed (or like all of us, not have noticed) that Burr has in fact removed all signs of his existence from mm. I discovered this late last night and quite truly went through an entire spectrum of emotions. Initially, WTF? style shock, leading to forty seconds of worrying that CD has for some reason become suicidal (I shit you not), then sadness, then genuine anger that this was all done without us knowing, and then… a moment of realisation.

I realised that he had removed himself from mm so that when potential future employers google “Christopher Burrows” they will not find this or this. Incidentally they will probably find this. Come on, Burr! What have you got to worry about? Michael has got this and this in the way of successfully bagging a foundation programme. (How many points is being an ex-gay worth in your personal statement, then?)

And besides, it’s not like we’re going to stop talking about you, Christopher David Burrows, twenty-two 22 years old, born in Belfast, went to school at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, studied Financial Economics at Queen’s University Belfast and worked for a year at AIB in Dublin, whose interests include “chilling with his mates”, “having a laugh”, “banter”, and “banging women”.

cd 27-07-2006 00-08-18

Anyway, if Thomas Michael Lowe isn’t worrying yet, then we’re probably all fine.

cd 24-07-2006 21-03-20

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  1. Michael

    If the Dom does in fact run for public office what to do with the Mango is definitely going to be huge PR migraine for him. At least you have already removed for him his posts from last summer extolling the ideals of the young Dan Vinyard. And those blogs about “dirty” Jewish people. There was some pretty borderline sentiment in them too…

  2. Philip

    mm = migraine for Tomdom.
    mm = £££ for us.

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