Record Store Day

Posted by Michael on April 18th, 2009 — 12:37am
17th April 2009

Dear Tomdom,

I am so glad to hear from you. It was a shame we didn’t get to meet up over the Easter break. Maybe if you are up in Manchester we’ll get a chance to catch up. Anyway, tomorrow is Record Store Day in case you didn’t know, which means a chance to get out there and show some support for that local record store. Record stores were already pretty anachronistic, struggling institutions when we first went to university, but with the death of the compact disc so imminent the current prognosis isn’t too hot either. (Or should I say “hoth”. Lol.) Sad times.

At least there are a lot of goodies up for grabs – including numerous special releases by the artists like Magnolia Electric Co and Graham Coxon. Anyway, wherever you are Thomas, be it London, Glasgow or Stoke, get yourself to Rough Trade / Avalanche / Music Mania. (Or a host of other venues!)

From Michael

PS About that medical question you asked me. I know the spam you’re talking about but none of those things could possibly work. That’s probably not what you wanted to hear and I don’t really know how else to advise you but seriously, just try to get past it. It can’t be that tiny.

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  1. Thomas

    That was for research purposes only.

    Plus I said tinny. Not tiny.

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