I Predict a Lot-of-People-Standing-Around-Not-Doing-Very-Much

Posted by Thomas on April 1st, 2009 — 11:54pm

The G20 summit began today. In London. England. I emphasise this because, according to the Americans, the UK is about the size of Oregon and less important historically to the US than France.

Now, politicians discussing world economic issues is not very entertaining. Imagine the newspapers delight when the police began to ratchet up the tension in the Capital a few days ago. Dead bankers were predicted. People were warned not to wear suits lest they were targetted. The Four Horses of the Apocalypse would ride through London’s streets.

Yet in comparison to the Battle of Seattle or the follow-up bout in Italy, today was quiet. A few anarchist thugs smashed up one of the RBS buildings in the City. A couple of police officers got twatted on the head. And some smart-arse bankers goaded protestors by waving wads of money at them. Most people, Russell Brand included, just stood around outside the Bank of England, not doing very much.

That’s part of the problem – we’re too uncertain and perhaps even polite to host a proper anti-globalisation march. A good smashing up of the City might have proven cathartic. People would feel so much better. Their children could ask them ‘Daddy, what did you do during the Banking Depression?’ and they could honestly answer, ‘Well, dear, I threw some bottles at the police and chanted at them’. If rampant and random destruction was not the aim of the game then those who turned up would have been better off looking for a job to fix our struggling economy.

P.S. those who waved money at the protestors are knobs.

P.P.S. those who caused criminal damage while wearing masks are knobs of pornstar proportions.

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  1. Michael

    Someone did die…

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