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Posted by Philip on August 20th, 2007 — 9:38pm

If you are reading this circa Monday 20th August, 2007; then you know at least one of us, and if you’re especially blessed, you may even know all of us. If you are reading this in the future, then obviously we have become internet famous since you seemingly care enough to have made the effort to go into the archive to find and read the very first post. To our current friends and to our new future friends – hello.

This is where our blog starts. We’re going to be writing about our projects, putting up our comics, and talking about things that matter to us.

One thing that matters to us is KFC. What began as a joking suggestion in Prague has led to a profound appreciation of the chicken, the bucket, and the Colonel. This is why we decided to mark the conception of this blog by having our very first Colonel General Meeting at 1 Bradbury Place, Belfast.

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I hope you enjoy the blog as much as Chris enjoyed his chicken.

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  1. Johnstang

    Thanks Colonel. You’re the best!

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