Super Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go! Take Belfast Christmas Special 2008 Title In Ultimate Frisbee Debut

Posted by Philip on December 30th, 2008 — 3:26pm

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The annual Belfast Christmas Special beginners’ indoor ultimate frisbee tournament took place at the newly built Grove Wellbeing Centre. This year saw the debut of a new fish-themed franchise “Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go!” that was divided into two separate squads: “Super” playing in green and “Hyper” playing in purple. The drama began early on in the day when up and coming Glasgow University rookie Nigel Chan suffered an inversion injury to his right anterior talofibular ligament during a warm-up, rendering him unable to play and causing Hyper to lose a valuable handler. In addition, QUB rookie John Meenan also suffered a grazed knee when going all out to score a point during a match.

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With such a handicap imposed upon them, Hyper were unable to keep up with some of the more experienced teams. However, under the leadership of their two Scottish captains Colin Muir and John “John Super John” Russell they were awarded the much deserved spirit prize. Super, under the leadership of Andrew Todd and franchise founder Philip Chan went from strength to strength, defeating every single team in the competition and winning an intensely fought final against Comber-based CHASE who were out for revenge. MVP was awarded to Ryan Mulligan who is showing some incredible potential in his rookie year; using his height, athleticism and smarts to be an invaluable first cut or end zone man. Congratulations to both Super and Hyper Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go! for such an inspirational debut. It looks like 2009 will be the year of the Angelfish.

Score one, Hyper! from Philip Chan on Vimeo.

Super Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go!

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Philip Chan (c) Andy Todd (c) Jonny Baillie Chris Burrold Ryan Mulligan Chris Porter

Hyper Magic Sparkle Angelfish Go!

20-12-2008 12-06-22

Colin Muir (c) John Russell (c) Peter Alexander Nigel Chan David Donaldson Eddie McGuinness John Meenan Freddie Thompson

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  1. Michael

    I love how everyone in the top picture looks genuinely quite tired and CD hasn’t come close to breaking a sweat.

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