Fine Festive Punch of Awesome

Posted by CDB on December 2nd, 2008 — 11:57pm

I hate to be a dork about this but I just saw the Guinness Christmas ad on tv. This is perhaps the ad to contend Coca Cola. 

From what I hear you mainlanders don’t get this fine festive punch of awesome. So because it is the season [insert seasonal tag line], enjoy!

On a commercial note buy! buy! buy! or don’t whatever… ;)

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  1. Philip


  2. Michael

    First off the bat, “meh”?! There’s nothing more irritating than that word. What sort of monster would Scrooge have been if he neither liked Christmas nor actively detested it, but instead was just lazily apathetic. Get your festive cheer on P!

    Also, that ad has been on in the “mainland” for a couple of years now. Maybe you guys just got electricity and that’s why you think it’s new…

  3. Philip


  4. Philip


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