Michael Johnston’s “Cheeky” Chilli-Pepper Chutney

Posted by Philip on October 16th, 2008 — 10:57pm

Makes about 500g

8: fresh chillies
8: red peppers
Olive oil
2: peeled: chopped: medium red onions
1: sprig: rosemary
2: fresh bay leaves
1: cinnamon stick
100g: brown sugar
150ml: balsamic vinegar

Jam jar

1. Grill the peppers until they’re black all over, stick them in a container or something so you can peel the skin off.
2. Deseed and chop them.
3. Heat the saucepan, put in a bit of olive oil. Add the onion, rosemary, bay leaves and cinnamon and cook it really slowly until it looks like really soft good shit. Nice and golden. Season if you want.
4. Add the chillis and peppers from earlier. Add the sugar and balsamic and keep cooking until dead sticky.

To store:
1. Submerge a clean jam jar into boiling water.
2. Spoon the contents into the jar.
3. Keep in a cool, dry place.

Eat it with cheese and oatcakes. I am addicted to this stuff. Cheers Michael!

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4 Responses to “Michael Johnston’s “Cheeky” Chilli-Pepper Chutney”

  1. Jamie Oliver

    That’s from my book you little bastard! Just wait ’til I get you extradited Chan! Just you wait! Ohhh! Pukka!

  2. Philip

    Go back to the Ministry you big-headed twat.

    p.s. I actually like you.

  3. Michael

    “Go back to the Ministry you” is a very Thomas-esque phrase.

  4. Philip

    I was positively itching to say that.

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