Michael is going to get a load of chicks with his new MacBook

Posted by Michael on September 3rd, 2008 — 5:15pm

It hasn’t yet arrived but here are five reasons why notorious technophobe Michael (that’s me btw*) is getting a MacBook.

1. In the United States Michael had an epiphany whereupon he realised Apple is fucking awesome.

2. Everything that comes with the most standard MacBook is approximately one million and twenty-three times better than everything on Michael’s current Sony Vaio.

3. Without a Student Card yet for Manchester University, Michael decided to phone Apple whether he was still eligible for the Education discount. You even feel cool when Apple put you on hold! What, with it’s funky beats Michael could listen to that loop hours on end.

4. Since starting this blog Michael has already gotten six girls’ phone numbers.

5. Michael likes his spicy chicken.

*btw = by the way (Michael has heard Phil and CD use this in texts and ‘instant messaging’. It’s all part of his ploy to fit in.)

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4 Responses to “Michael is going to get a load of chicks with his new MacBook”

  1. Philip


  2. English Glen

    I’ve had my Macbook for 3 weeks now. I have received 11 offers of sex, or sexually related actions in those 3 weeks. Granted, 2 of those weeks were in Italy, but still, you’re making the right choice hombre.

  3. Philip

    Now we have scientific proof. Can’t wait to get one of these fuzz magnets for myself.

  4. Anonymous

    Uh huh…

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