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Posted by Michael on July 31st, 2008 — 12:36pm

This is an event that is occasionally brought up in reference to either a very stupid idea or a very stupid person suggesting a very stupid idea. In fact it is probably the definition of a very stupid idea. Very stupid is the name of the game here.

It originates from early Instonian years when Phil and Michael ventured to the top of the N Block for art class. Their very stupid teacher suggested everyone draw a shop of any kind that could sell anything – a very stupid project, and one Michael did not show a lot of enthusiasm for, his design being The Ball Shop, a shop that sold any kind of ball you need for sport. It was the shape of a ball…

Michael: Err… yeah… it’s a ball shop…
Stupid teacher: A cog shop?
Michael: No, a ball shop.
Stupid teacher: Cog shop?
Michael: No. BALL shop.
Stupid teacher: Hmm… You should do the cog shop. It could sell all kinds of cogs and be in the shape of a cog!

This stupid teacher years later was demonstrating to boys how careful you need to be with a stanley knife only to then cut half her forearm open. She remains very stupid to this day.

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