When Sree met… Hundred Waters

Posted by Michael on May 6th, 2013 — 11:29pm

In many ways ‘modestmango.com at SXSW2013’ became not so much a showcase in Glasgow culture blogging but a showcase in ‘Sreeism’. Whether it was dropping words like ‘handjob’ at inappropriate times or queuing three hours for barbeque Sree was a polarizing force in Austin this year. A case in point was Sree’s ‘interview’ with Hundred Waters. In a hotel. With a piano. And Nicole Miglis. (Shudder)

Anyway, I’m not going to talk too much about that interview. We didn’t tape it and Sree didn’t take notes, although he looks good doesn’t he? Like a pro.[2] I can only assume Hundred Waters took pity on us because they offered us

guest passes to see them in May at ABC in Glasgow. Sree emailed them this week and they duly followed through on their promise.

Hundred Waters were great tonight, not least because Nicole Miglis and her voice absolutely slay me – probably top 5 on the ‘voices that slay me’ chart.[1] Hundred Waters also sounded comparatively great by supporting a band with probably the lamest name since… Test Icicles (off the top of my head)

So thanks Hundred Waters. Thanks for not outing us, thanks for letting us come to your gig and thanks for your really, really nice sounds.

MJ out.


[1] Top 5 includes Lauren Mayberry, Rihanna on ‘All Of The Lights’, Taylor Swift, Tracyanne Campbell on ‘Pen & Notebook’

[2] Note the suit at the far left of the photograph bringing a bit of corporate class to the interview.

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