Posted by Michael on March 23rd, 2013 — 11:15pm

Strangely Lunarcy! provided the most polarising of all the movies the Mango crew watched at SXSW this year. Ostensibly a fairly fun and innocent documentary about socially awkward guys wanting to go to the moon our creative director picked out a hidden subversive undertone running through the whole feature, not to mention a flippantly mentioned and wholly inaccurate medical diagnosis of autism as per the DSM-IV… I mean, come on!

I am not really sure why Sree objected to this documentary. I think it is mostly because he is a bit a berk and felt he had to have an opinion on it. If anything I think it is hard to have much of an opinion on Lunarcy! It is really a pretty innocent and fun story.┬áChris (pictured above) really steals the show and as somebody pointed out afterwards in the Q&A to director Simon Ennis and Chris himself, he has a phenomenal amount natural charisma, both on screen and in person. I do wonder though what the director of Lunarcy! thought the inevitable reaction would be to Chris and his cause. I want to think that people are not laughing at him. But then again, so what if some are? Chris certainly didn’t seem to care when he was signing the free posters he gave us. Besides, who needs to worry about that when stars are within our grasp!

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