ModestMango Presents: The Style Diaries #1

Posted by Michael on November 27th, 2012 — 12:31pm

Ever wondered where to get those cufflinks you so badly needed for your Ted Baker shirt? Ever wanted to talk about the new Paul Smith shoe line? Well you won’t find it on the Mango. Instead I’ll be talking about what REAL guys REALLY wear and asking REAL questions which REAL guys REALLY want to know.

This week I want some advice. I have to go to a wedding on Thursday. Any hair product advice you can give?

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3 Responses to “ModestMango Presents: The Style Diaries #1”

  1. Philip

    Bravo swears by his legendary three step approach – mousse, blow-dry and hairspray. Me? Nowadays I’m all about the VO5 Extreme Style [reWork] Fibre Putty. Trev is so two thousand and LATE.

  2. Philip

    Want a lend of this?

  3. Michael


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