Posted by Philip on November 9th, 2012 — 5:39pm

5 hrs 33 mins to Dubai.

86E is cleaning the lens of her Canon DSLR that has been hanging obediently around her neck since take-off 3 hrs 20 mins ago. I can’t tell which model it is and am not in the mood to ask.

It’s 3.50 am and the aft of Emirates flight EK381 are having their attempts at sleeping undermined by the rapid succession of flashes emanating from 86E.

She has now taken seven close-up photos of her plane-sized bottle of La Vielle Ferme thus adding to the twelve photos her previous bottle of La Vielle Ferme, four photos of her cup noodle, three photos of herself holding the cup noodle whilst throwing the V’s, eight photos of the Emirates flight information screen, seven photos of the flight safety card (front and back), four photos of Total Recall paused at 00:23:45 and five photos of her left armrest.

Is this the first time she has owned a camera? Is this the first time she has been on an aeroplane? Is this the first time that she has been allowed out into society?

More stories soon.

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  1. Johnty

    Wow! New material! My comment is so late though…

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