Band Aid

Posted by Philip on June 6th, 2008 — 11:54am

Getting through a song on expert on guitar is not really much of a challenge anymore, so I’ve come up with a sub-game. It’s called “Try not to hurt the feelings of a singer who is completely tone deaf and can’t sing, not even on easy.” The trick is to save up your overdrives and correctly time the use of them so that the talentless singer can get through a song without realising that she is in fact sucking and if it wasn’t for you, would have failed a long time ago… on the lowest possible difficulty in the game.

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Unlike just playing the game, the singer’s* own self-esteem lies in your hands, raising the stakes just that little bit higher.

The Rock Band Appeal

Rocking out ain’t cheap. The Rock Band Appeal is currently accepting donations and many happy rockers have donated to the cause. Please feel free to come round, rock out, and consider donating a few pounds to the fund. Your donation will be added to the Blue Peter style totalizer and your name will be forever immortalized on a piece of paper taped to my wall.

It’s £132 for the game and instruments if you are a student and buying from Zavvi. It’s also worth every penny.

* Using the word singer wrongly implies that she has any talent at all. I also have to add that the pictured singer is not said talentless person.

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4 Responses to “Band Aid”

  1. Philip

    Don’t worry. I’m taking the tour bus with me. ; )

  2. Thomas

    I love Rock Band. My best decision as JCR President was to purchase an X-Box. And the current administration’s best decision was to purchase Rock Band. The drums are great. Though being a white Irishman I obivously lack anything like rhythm

  3. Michael

    As opposed to all those black Irishmen?

  4. Thomas

    I’ve seen them in Belfast. Though they often approach you with the line ‘you want to see some boobies?’

    *modestmango does not condone token racism. We believe all people are born equal regardless of colour, race, country of birth, rhythm etc etc etc

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