Ninth Wonder of the Wurrld

Posted by Michael on April 2nd, 2008 — 12:52pm

Just this last weekend Team Scotland of St Andrews fame visited Belfast for a three day extravaganza. For most it was a first visit to both Northern Ireland and also the island of Ireland as a whole. Everyone enjoyed the weekend, from Quiet Neil who quietly took it all in, to Awkward Alistair who is becoming more and more pronoid each time we “socialise” with him.*

I felt an enormous amount of pride in Belfast come yesterday when I was showing the Beccstar around the city centre, the realisation suddenly dawning on me that Belfast is probably the best city I have ever visited within the United Kingdom. More than that, it seems to be getting exponentially better everytime I get back.


Anyway, we visited quite a few sights both in Belfast and in Newcastle…

Belfast 30th March 2008

Belfast 1st April 2008

Mourne Mountains 1st April 2008

…but none of these wet the Scots’ whistles with excitement quite like visiting this particular wonder.

Belfast 30th March 2008

Thanks for the memories Burr.

*Another blog.

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