4.0 – Proof that we get more boring as we get older

Posted by Philip on June 22nd, 2011 — 3:12am

I can’t be the only one who got sick of mm 3.0.

As part of the migration of this blog to a new content management system, I ended up having to go through all 460ish posts that are on this site. It turned out to be quite a nostalgic experience and it felt like I was reliving the past four years of my life in reverse. From doing this, I realised several things:

  1. Thomas had roughly three intense weeks of blogging spread over two years.
  2. Buzzer promised a lot and gave little but when he did give, it was good.
  3. We really don’t write about anything other than football during NFL season.
  4. Most people I know are less chubby now.
  5. I tried too hard to be cool.

Michael and I join the rest of the grown-ups in the working world come August. Will this have implications for this blog? Absolutely.

Welcome to the new look. I feel like I’ve gained a less wacky, more serious voice.

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4 Responses to “4.0 – Proof that we get more boring as we get older”

  1. Leonard Hatred

    I like this. How long did it take to settle on the theme and get looking right etc? I find it completely addictive and have to stop myself from shopping for new themes pretty often.

    I think you are looking at things a bit back-to-front when it comes to point 3. It’s not that you only blog about football during NFL season. It’s just that there isn’t anything else worth talking about during season. Everything else is just foot notes

  2. Philip

    Well, I knew exactly what I wanted. Basically, I want the content to pop out at the reader and have the rest of the site fade into the background unnoticed (until you start looking for it). The reason being that the Mango has become less of a portfolio for our projects and more a true blog as we get older. Also, we use a lot of photos. I think these days people are beyond going to a website to marvel at the actual site. They just want to look at the content and leave.

    Customising the CSS is very straightforward with WordPress. I tried initially with Drupal and quickly gave up. I actually relearnt html and css from scratch at http://w3schools.com . CSSEdit (app) and Firebug (extension for Firefox) basically saved my life in the past three days.

    You are so right about NFL. We actually get most of our traffic to the site during the NFL season because at least 12 people are regularly reading the blog all the time.

  3. Philip

    P.S. Is there any good reason that I should be using feedburner for syndication?

  4. Leonard Hatred

    Not that I know of. Blogomils just uses it because it seems to be one of the best alternatives mentioned to me by others. I don’t have a clue what makes it good or bad so i’m of no use to you there.

    It was the same for me when I was writing MTL posts. But I had to stop when it became clear that Glen’s were much better than mine

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